I am so happy to announce the release of my book, "If Only I Could".

~What I have to keep telling myself is this:  Life is still here just waiting for me to unwrap it, take hold of it, and squeeze every last bit of living out of it. And if tears find their way into this new season without you, it's ok.  Because sometimes, - yes, sometimes - faith is tasting the sweetness of God in the saltiness of our tears. Knowing HIS beauty is still here to discover, still here to experience, still here to sustain and uphold.  This, too, is a part of life. A beautiful part, indeed.~

Grief is not a broken part of our life we need to somehow fix.  It is not a situation we need to find a solution to or an answer for.  Grief is an all-consuming, all-encompassing journey of loving, missing, and living beyond. It is a re-learning of how to live - still, in the midst of incredible loss, overwhelming sorrow, and the relentless cry of our heart, "if only I could . . ".

Raw, intimate, honest, and profound - IF ONLY I COULD - is a poignant, personal journey through grief. While we each grieve differently, there is no doubt your heart will instantly feel at home here - knowing it is understand and finding gentle encouragement through every page of this book.

This is my walk through grief after losing my husband to a heart attack in February, 2016.  I remember moments after he was gone, lying my head on his chest and promising him and God, I would "make it count".  I know the Holy Spirit prompted me to say such a promise at such a moment at this because it is this promise that has kept me going, kept me getting me out of bed every morning, kept me pressing onward and forward.  And now, it is this promise that has me announcing this book to you. Only God!

To say this book is precious to my heart is an understatement.  I pray all who read the words written here will find a place of comfort and rest, safe in the company of one who is walking the same journey of loving, missing, and living beyond. Most of all, though, I pray all who read the words written here will find a place of peace, strength and hope in the ever-present faithfulness of our God.

For more information or to purchase a copy, go HERE.

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