31 Days of Wisdom~

Welcome to 2012 and welcome to "31 Days of Wisdom".

Each day in January, we will be focusing on a key verse or passage of scripture in the book of Proverbs. Since January has 31 days and the book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, this seems like a perfect fit and a truly wise way to start the new year.

Ready to begin?!

Day 1: Where Wisdom Begins~
Day 2: Held~
Day 3: Only God~
Day 4: Fixing Our Gaze~
Day 5: Hooked~
Day 6: Living Free~
Day 7: Photo/Scripture
Day 8: All Ears~
Day 9: Make It Count~
Day 10: Just Sayin'~
Day 11: It Starts with a Ripple~
Day 12: Trading Stupid
Day 13: A Dream on Fire~
Day 14: Photo/Scripture
Day 15: ♪♫ If You're Happy and You Know It ♪♫
Day 16: An Interruption? Or An Invitation
Day 17: This is a Test
Day 18: Avoiding the Fall
Day 19:The Blame Game
Day 20:Sweet Release
Day 21: Photo/Scripture
Day 22:Who is Influencing Who?
Day 23: Don't Miss This
Day 24:Victorious in Adversity
Day 25: The Gift of Being There
Day 26: Don't Go There
Day 27: Truth That Sets Us Free
Day 28: Photo/Scripture
Day 29: Free to Be
Day 30: God is God
Day 31: THAT Girl

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