Sunday, November 8, 2020

Listen. Hear That?

"Listen, Baby!
Hear that?"

And since this conversation
usually happened in
the wee hours of the night,
and since with my man
sleeping nestled right beside me
I always slept so peacefully and sound,
chances are
until he gently touched me
and whispered those words,
I hadn't heard that.

"Listen, Beautiful.
It's raining."

Once I shook the sleepy off,
and started to awake, though -
I could hear it, too - 
this beautiful,
sound of rain.

The dancing of rain
on the roof above,
the pitter pat of 
drops on our window pane,
the drip, drip, drip,
of water rolling off the roof
and into newly formed puddles.

Aaah - rain in the desert.

There is nothing like it.

Especially in the heat 
of a long, hot, dry summer.

Besides the symphony of sound,
the rain always brought with it
a cooling of the temperature
and an infusing of the air
with the scent of the oil
from the now soaked creosote bushes.

And I always understood
why the one who loved me so
didn't think twice
about waking me up.

To have missed this.
To have missed the rain.
To have missed experiencing
it with my man.
No - I wouldn't have wanted
to miss one moment of it.

Because as much as this rain
was sent to refresh and water the earth,
deep inside the deepest place of me,
I, too, was refreshed.
I, too, was revived.

"Listen, World.
Hear that?"

And since this post
is happening in 
the wee hours of earth's history,
and since living in this world
nestled up against
all of its distractions,
cares, and concerns can 
lull us into a spiritual sleep,
chances are
until I gently nudge you awake,
you might not
have heard that yet,

"Listen, Brother and Sister!
It's raining."

And I think
once you
have shaken off the sleepy
and begin to awake,
you will hear it, too.
The beautiful,
sound of rain,

The latter rain,
that is.

The sound of God 
pouring out His Spirit 
upon a dry and weary land.

The cry of humanity
looking for answers,
the sound of prayers
ascending up to heaven,
the sense of urgency
in the sharing of the gospel.

Aaah - spiritual rain in our world.

There is nothing like it.

And just like my man,
made no apologies
for waking me up,
I am boldly reaching out,
touching you on your heart,
and waking you up.

To miss this.
To miss the hope falling around us.
To miss the move of God happening among us.
To miss the revival 
and the refreshment
and the very 
power of our God
at work in our land.
To miss experiencing it
with our God, with each other.
No - I don't think
either of us
want to miss out on this.

So, wake up, dear one.


Hear that?

It's raining.

It. Is. Raining.

This is not the time to be sleeping.

Breathe it in deep.
this Holy Spirit infused air.

Allow it to 
revive you,
refresh you,
empower you.

Then, go out 
and wake up others, too.

It's raining.

His Spirit is falling.

God is moving.

Be encouraged.

~ Stacy

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