Thursday, October 15, 2020

Stand Your Ground~

most times, in fact,
when you are in
the midst of a storm,
and all is breaking
loose around you,
you feel the overwhelming need
to run away,
to escape,
to withdraw,
to retreat,
to strike out,
to fight back,
to force your way through,
to launch out in a
completely new direction.

most times, in fact,
neither of these responses
are best.

most times, in fact,
the best thing
you can do is this:
stand your ground.

Don't allow the pressure
to push you backwards,
and certainly
don't allow the pressure
to push your forward
into decisions
you have no business making
during a time
of emotional stress
and uncertainty.

Stand your ground.

Dig you feet
into the promises
found in God's Word.

Hold fast to the truth
that God is with you
and God will fight
your battle for you.

Believe that 
God is at work,
God is in control,
God is working it
(all. of. it.)
for good.

Pray for the courage 
to not be swayed.

Pray for the strength
to endure the storm.

Pray for the peace
to hear God's still small voice
above all else.

Pray for the 
presence of God to 
uphold you,
sustain you,
support you, 
and surround you.

Stand in the power
of your God,
and let Him work.

Know and believe that
not sometimes,
not most times,
but ALL TIMES, in fact,
your God is faithful.


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