Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sowing in Tears~

In the moments
right before the 
Celebration of Life ceremony
for my husband 
four years ago now,
we gathered at 
the front of the church -
the two pastors 
officiating the service
and me,
and we prayed.

We joined our hearts
and our hands together
in a bond of three, 
and we prayed - 
every single person
in attendance that day
would someday
(if not that day,
and if not already)
come to a 
saving knowledge of Jesus
and enjoy a personal
walk with God.

Nothing would have made
my precious man happier.

We claimed the promise
that God's Word
does not return void,
that it accomplishes
the very purposes of God.

I know 
without a doubt
Heaven will one day
reveal God's faithfulness.

The last few days,
as I am knee-deep
in packing and 
the emptying out of our home
for my upcoming move,
I have been praying
a similar prayer.

As I have been
loading the car
with all of my man's clothes -
(I can still see him in 
every shirt,
every suit coat,
every t-shirt,
every pair of sweats,
every piece of cameo,
every single pair of jeans,)
all of his personal belongings,
as well as so many items
from our life together,
I have been praying
once again, 
and believing anew.

This time my prayer
is for the one
who receives.

For the one 
who might become
the new one 
sporting his sport coat,
relaxing in his t-shirt,
feeling the warmth of a fire from a tree he cut,
poking a log with our fire poker,
enjoying a meal on our tableware,
circling around our artificial Christmas tree,
listening to music on our stereo,
reading by the light of a favorite lamp,
hearing God's Spirit through the pages of a Bible.

I am praying,
that they, too, -
every single person
who is gifted an item
or purchases it from the thrift store -
will someday
(if not that day,
and if not already)
come to a 
saving knowledge of Jesus
and enjoy a personal
walk with God.

And since my man
loooooooooooooooved clothes,
(so much so
I had to make two trips 
just for those),
and since together
we lived a whole lot 
of life together here,
(What a trip that has been!
Thank you my Abba Father!),
among the tears,
I have also felt
a smile of anticipation,
a smile of joy
as I think about
just what our God 
will do 
as I pray
for His very presence
to be known
in the lives
of whoever 
receives each item.

When you have been
entrusted with the honor
of saying goodbye
to your love,
to his personal belongings,
to a life shared together,
it's no light matter.

Knowing and believing
that in all things,
if you entrust
it all to God -
He can and will
make it count
for His Kingdom
you can release it all -
praising God in advance
for the harvest
that is sure to come.

~ Stacy

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