Monday, November 16, 2020

Maturing in Childlike Faith~

One of my favorite songs 
is about a class of children 
with special needs. 
While their teacher 
taught them their ABC's, 
she also shared with them 
the love of Jesus. 

One day, 
she told them
of Jesus' promise
to come back 
and take them 
to Heaven. 

From that moment on, 
she couldn't keep them
in their seats! 

They were always 
running to the windows, 
pressing their 
fingertips and noses 
against the windowpane,
looking for Jesus. 

If He said He was coming, 
He WAS coming!

Oh, to have the faith of these children.

How it must 
please our Father's heart 
when we take Him 
at His word.

If He said it, 
He will do it. 
No ifs, ands or buts
about it.

As I look into my own life, 
I have found 
the moments
that have brought me 
the most pleasure 
are the ones where 
I was understood
for who I am 
and I was taken
at my word. 

On the flip side of that, 
I can also attest 
to the fact 
that some of my most 
frustrating and heartbreaking moments 
have been those when 
who I am 
was questioned or doubted.

We all long 
to be someone 
can believe in 
and count on. 

I wonder if God longs for this, too. 

Can you imagine 
what kind of life 
you and I would be living 
at this very moment
if we truly took 
the Lord 
at His Word?

When I was a child, 
I was told faith 
is a lot 
like sitting 
on a chair. 

When we sit down, 
we have faith 
this piece of furniture
won't let us down. 
We trust it will 
support us and hold us up. 

Seldom do we 
give the chair 
a second thought, 
much less 
a thorough inspection! 

when it comes 
to placing our life 
into the hands 
of the Creator 
of the universe, 
we hold back, 
questioning and doubting
if He will be there 
to hold us up?

But without faith 
it is impossible
to please him: 
for he that cometh to God 
must believe that he is, 
and that he is a rewarder 
of them that diligently seek him.
~ Hebrews 11:6

I once asked my class 
what they were thankful for. 
In the midst of the usual 
flood of responses - 
my bike, my family, our dog - 
one answer stood high 
above the others. 

One little boy 
simply stated 
he was thankful 
God was real 
and not pretend.

Do you believe God is real? 

Are you willing 
to relinquish 
the weight 
you are carrying 
and allow Him 
to support you 
and hold you up? 

Are you ready 
to run with me 
to the window of God's heart, 
leaving your own heartprint,
as in eager anticipation, 
you look for all 
He has promised you?

It is the desire 
of my heart
to please my God. 

What better way 
to do this than 
to believe 
He is WHO 
He says He is
and to know and trust 
He will DO 
what He says He will do.


Sunday, November 8, 2020

Listen. Hear That?

"Listen, Baby!
Hear that?"

And since this conversation
usually happened in
the wee hours of the night,
and since with my man
sleeping nestled right beside me
I always slept so peacefully and sound,
chances are
until he gently touched me
and whispered those words,
I hadn't heard that.

"Listen, Beautiful.
It's raining."

Once I shook the sleepy off,
and started to awake, though -
I could hear it, too - 
this beautiful,
sound of rain.

The dancing of rain
on the roof above,
the pitter pat of 
drops on our window pane,
the drip, drip, drip,
of water rolling off the roof
and into newly formed puddles.

Aaah - rain in the desert.

There is nothing like it.

Especially in the heat 
of a long, hot, dry summer.

Besides the symphony of sound,
the rain always brought with it
a cooling of the temperature
and an infusing of the air
with the scent of the oil
from the now soaked creosote bushes.

And I always understood
why the one who loved me so
didn't think twice
about waking me up.

To have missed this.
To have missed the rain.
To have missed experiencing
it with my man.
No - I wouldn't have wanted
to miss one moment of it.

Because as much as this rain
was sent to refresh and water the earth,
deep inside the deepest place of me,
I, too, was refreshed.
I, too, was revived.

"Listen, World.
Hear that?"

And since this post
is happening in 
the wee hours of earth's history,
and since living in this world
nestled up against
all of its distractions,
cares, and concerns can 
lull us into a spiritual sleep,
chances are
until I gently nudge you awake,
you might not
have heard that yet,

"Listen, Brother and Sister!
It's raining."

And I think
once you
have shaken off the sleepy
and begin to awake,
you will hear it, too.
The beautiful,
sound of rain,

The latter rain,
that is.

The sound of God 
pouring out His Spirit 
upon a dry and weary land.

The cry of humanity
looking for answers,
the sound of prayers
ascending up to heaven,
the sense of urgency
in the sharing of the gospel.

Aaah - spiritual rain in our world.

There is nothing like it.

And just like my man,
made no apologies
for waking me up,
I am boldly reaching out,
touching you on your heart,
and waking you up.

To miss this.
To miss the hope falling around us.
To miss the move of God happening among us.
To miss the revival 
and the refreshment
and the very 
power of our God
at work in our land.
To miss experiencing it
with our God, with each other.
No - I don't think
either of us
want to miss out on this.

So, wake up, dear one.


Hear that?

It's raining.

It. Is. Raining.

This is not the time to be sleeping.

Breathe it in deep.
this Holy Spirit infused air.

Allow it to 
revive you,
refresh you,
empower you.

Then, go out 
and wake up others, too.

It's raining.

His Spirit is falling.

God is moving.

Be encouraged.

~ Stacy

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Faith Remains~

So many times 
we think we have faith 
until we find ourselves in a place 
that has us questioning God,
that in turn,
takes us to a place
that has us questioning our faith 
in God.

We hear a diagnosis.
We get "let go" from our job.
We receive divorce papers.
We stand in a cemetery.

Blindsided and knocked off our feet,
we start to wrestle with God about the "why"?

Only sometimes,
most times, in fact,
when it comes to knowing the "why",
God chooses to remain silent.

And this is where the questioning of our faith begins.

It's easy to have faith
when all is as we think it should be.
It's easy to have faith
when life is good,
and it seems God is good, too.

But - what about when the ground crumbles beneath us?

If we are standing on faith in God,
and not faith in our situations and our circumstances,
we will still be able to stand.

This is what faith is -
standing when we don't know what,
standing when we don't know when,
standing when we don't know where,
standing when we don't know how -
because we know WHO.

Everything is our life can change in a heartbeat,
but God never changes.

Faith is faith 
when we don't have all the answers
and still believe.

Faith is faith 
when we don't understand the why
and still believe.

Faith is faith 
when we don't know 
what, when, where or how
and still believe.

And, this.
Especially this:
Faith is faith even when
we still feel pain,
we still feel anger,
we still feel hurt,
we still feel left wondering why.

Because I think 
what we sometimes forget is this:
It is possible to have faith
and feel as though 
you are drowning 
in a sea of emotions

Faith can still be there
even in the tears,
even in the heartache,
even in the pain,
even in the struggle.

Don't allow your emotions 
to convince you
you've lost your faith.

Don't allow your emotions 
to "mix up"
the losses in your life.

You may have lost your health, 
but faith still remains.
You may have lost your job, 
but faith still remains.
You may have lost your spouse, 
but faith still remains.
You may have lost your loved one, 
but faith still remains.

This is the very essence of faith in God.

It stays
even when,
in the midst of,
and in spite of.

When our faith is in God,
faith remains
because He remains.


Friday, October 23, 2020

Until . . .

Gracious Heavenly Father,
You want nothing more 
than for Your children 
to walk in truth.

So often, though, 
we feel as though 
we are in a game 
of hide-n-seek with You. 

We feel as though 
we somehow 
have to make our way 
through a maze of 
"this way" or "that way" 
in order to find 
our way to You. 

We wonder why 
knowing Your will 
and finding Your way 
is so hard to do. 

And yet, the truth is this:

You are not hiding; 
we are not truly seeking.

You are not silent; 
we are not truly listening.

You are not ducking and dodging 
in an effort to stay 
one step out of touch with us;
we are not zeroing in and focusing 
totally and completely 
on You.

The problem is not with You, Father God.
(Never has been. Never will be.)

The problem is with us.

We allow everything and everyone 
to overshadow and drown out 
what You are doing, 
what You are saying, 
what You are guiding us to 
or leading us through.

We remember Peter, Lord. 
How, walking on the water, 
You held out your hand 
and invited Peter 
to walk to You 
and with You. 

Stepping out of the boat, 
eyes, ears, and faith 
all completely on You, Jesus, 
it was easy for him 
to know what to do, 
where to step, 
which direction to go. 

And do, step, and go, he did. 

Right on top of the water, 
right straight to You, 

Oh, Father God, 
this is the word 
(and the moment!) 
that always causes us 
to stumble, 
to fall, 
to doubt, 
to become fearful and confused. 

We hear Your calling, 
we sense Your leading, 
we know what You are 
calling us to 
and we are willing 
to do, step, and go 


until we are reminded about this,
until we start to realize that,
until we listen to them,
until we forget about,
until we TAKE. OUR. EYES. OFF. OF. YOU.

Help us, Father God 
in our "until" moments.

Help us to keep 
seeking You 
with all our heart.

Help us to keep 
listening for Your
still small voice.

Help us to keep 
removing all that blocks 
our view of You.

Help us to keep 
stepping out,
placing one foot of our faith 
in front of the other 
we reach You, Lord.

Oh, Father God, 
You want nothing more 
than for Your children 
to walk in truth.

You will be faithful 
to lead us,
if only, 
we will be faithful 
to follow.

Thank you, Father God.

In Jesus' precious name, we pray. Amen. 

~ Stacy

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

What's So Ordinary About That?~


So many times
we let this word
define our day.

When the alarm goes off,
we moan as we head into
"just another ordinary day".

As we 
eat breakfast,
maneuver through traffic,
answer emails,
fold laundry,
sit in a waiting room,
pick up the kids from school,
we find ourselves
going through the motions,
doing the next thing on our list,
without ever stopping 
to realize:
each of these moments
are anything but ordinary.

Each moment
is a moment in time
any other moment in time.

Each moment,
only a moment,
for that very moment.

Each moment
gone the moment
another moment begins.

Each moment,

Each moment,
a gift.

As I sat in a waiting room
at a doctor's office one day,
I thought about all the
"ordinary" things
I take for granted.

A man in a wheelchair
reminded me how 
walking is.

A lady on oxygen
reminded me how
breathing is.

If you stop 
and think about it,
which is exactly 
what I did that day,
you can't help 
but come to the conclusion
that every single moment
of life
is. a. miracle.

Every single moment
of life
is. an. extraordinary. gift.

Every "ordinary" part 
of our day
is anything-but-ordinary,
only we don't take the time
to stop and notice
what we've been given,
what we're able to do,
what our God has granted us
at that very moment in time.

To be a 
human being
is anything but ordinary.

We are fearfully 
and wonderfully made
and each and every moment
of our life,
graciously and miraculously
given to us.

May we live 
each moment
in awe and appreciation
of both.

~ Stacy

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Stand Your Ground~

most times, in fact,
when you are in
the midst of a storm,
and all is breaking
loose around you,
you feel the overwhelming need
to run away,
to escape,
to withdraw,
to retreat,
to strike out,
to fight back,
to force your way through,
to launch out in a
completely new direction.

most times, in fact,
neither of these responses
are best.

most times, in fact,
the best thing
you can do is this:
stand your ground.

Don't allow the pressure
to push you backwards,
and certainly
don't allow the pressure
to push your forward
into decisions
you have no business making
during a time
of emotional stress
and uncertainty.

Stand your ground.

Dig you feet
into the promises
found in God's Word.

Hold fast to the truth
that God is with you
and God will fight
your battle for you.

Believe that 
God is at work,
God is in control,
God is working it
(all. of. it.)
for good.

Pray for the courage 
to not be swayed.

Pray for the strength
to endure the storm.

Pray for the peace
to hear God's still small voice
above all else.

Pray for the 
presence of God to 
uphold you,
sustain you,
support you, 
and surround you.

Stand in the power
of your God,
and let Him work.

Know and believe that
not sometimes,
not most times,
but ALL TIMES, in fact,
your God is faithful.


Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sowing in Tears~

In the moments
right before the 
Celebration of Life ceremony
for my husband 
four years ago now,
we gathered at 
the front of the church -
the two pastors 
officiating the service
and me,
and we prayed.

We joined our hearts
and our hands together
in a bond of three, 
and we prayed - 
every single person
in attendance that day
would someday
(if not that day,
and if not already)
come to a 
saving knowledge of Jesus
and enjoy a personal
walk with God.

Nothing would have made
my precious man happier.

We claimed the promise
that God's Word
does not return void,
that it accomplishes
the very purposes of God.

I know 
without a doubt
Heaven will one day
reveal God's faithfulness.

The last few days,
as I am knee-deep
in packing and 
the emptying out of our home
for my upcoming move,
I have been praying
a similar prayer.

As I have been
loading the car
with all of my man's clothes -
(I can still see him in 
every shirt,
every suit coat,
every t-shirt,
every pair of sweats,
every piece of cameo,
every single pair of jeans,)
all of his personal belongings,
as well as so many items
from our life together,
I have been praying
once again, 
and believing anew.

This time my prayer
is for the one
who receives.

For the one 
who might become
the new one 
sporting his sport coat,
relaxing in his t-shirt,
feeling the warmth of a fire from a tree he cut,
poking a log with our fire poker,
enjoying a meal on our tableware,
circling around our artificial Christmas tree,
listening to music on our stereo,
reading by the light of a favorite lamp,
hearing God's Spirit through the pages of a Bible.

I am praying,
that they, too, -
every single person
who is gifted an item
or purchases it from the thrift store -
will someday
(if not that day,
and if not already)
come to a 
saving knowledge of Jesus
and enjoy a personal
walk with God.

And since my man
loooooooooooooooved clothes,
(so much so
I had to make two trips 
just for those),
and since together
we lived a whole lot 
of life together here,
(What a trip that has been!
Thank you my Abba Father!),
among the tears,
I have also felt
a smile of anticipation,
a smile of joy
as I think about
just what our God 
will do 
as I pray
for His very presence
to be known
in the lives
of whoever 
receives each item.

When you have been
entrusted with the honor
of saying goodbye
to your love,
to his personal belongings,
to a life shared together,
it's no light matter.

Knowing and believing
that in all things,
if you entrust
it all to God -
He can and will
make it count
for His Kingdom
you can release it all -
praising God in advance
for the harvest
that is sure to come.

~ Stacy

Friday, October 9, 2020

When You Know You Are Held~

Raw, transparent, and vulnerable -
do you suppose any of us
like to find our character
clothed only in authenticity?

This girl certainly doesn't,
and yet,
I know that I know that I know
it is this that God has called me to -
in my relationships,
in my walk with Him,
and in this space,
where words reveal to you
a whole lot more than I wish they would.

if a revelation of this
sinful, messy, real, authentic heart
is what God can use for you to
better see His heart authentically,
then raw, transparent and vulnerable it is.

Which brings me to today's post
and this admission:

Lately I've been feeling
more apart
(a million broken pieces
scattered everywhere
and in every direction)
than I've been feeling together.

Can you relate?

A little of me here,
a little of me there.
A little attention to this,
a little attention to that.
A little working on this,
a little working on that.

And naturally,
it only stands to reason,
if you don't have it 
all together,
it makes you feel
like you're falling apart, right?

And yet,
God has been showing me,
feeling and being
are two totally different realities.

Life has a way
of pulling us
in a million different directions -
dead ends.

And yet,
if we are rooted and grounded
in Christ,
we may 
give in to this tug or
give way to that push,
but we are held together
in and through Him.

We may feel like
we are just a 
jumbled up,
disconnected mess -
but the one who
holds the moon
and holds back the waves
is holding us.

And His hold on us,
holds us together.

Never let a feeling
convince you
you are something
you are not.

Never let a feeling
talk you out of a truth.

The world can
pull and tug 
all it wants,
(and it will)
but the hold our God
has on us
keeps us together in Him
even in the midst
of the most broken of places.

Our coming undone,
our falling apart,
our not having it all together -
this is simply part of being human:
a human desperately in need of a God
who holds us in the palm of His hand.

Feeling anything but together lately?
Me, too.
Praise God, it's only a feeling.
We've got this,
because we've got God.

And most importantly,
God has us,
and He's never letting go.

For in Him 
we live and move
and have our being.
~Acts 17:28

~ Stacy

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A Necessary Hurt~

"Which hurt worse?" I asked.

It was a question I asked
each and every time
my husband told of the time,
when as a small child
playing baseball in the field
right across from his home,
he had fallen and broken his arm.

no one knew it was broken.

Knowing if others knew
his days of playing ball on the field
might come to an abrupt halt,
he hid his hurt.
And since it was a fracture
and not a clean break,
he was able to hide his hurt
for quite awhile.

the hurt kept hurting.

the pain wouldn't let up.

the hiding and the not telling
and the fear of not playing
made it so the playing
wasn't any fun anymore.

When his parents
finally found out
and he found himself
face to face with a doctor,
he heard these words,
that to his ears,
seemed unbelievable.

"Your son has a fracture.
However, since this wasn't 
dealt with in a timely matter,
his arm has tried to heal itself, 
but not properly.
We are going to have to
re-break his arm
and set it in a cast."

And this is where
my question always 
interrupted his story.

"Which hurt worse? 
The first break or the re-break?"

His answer -
always the same.
"Both - but in different ways."

My husband passed away
four years ago.
And when he did,
might heart broke wide open.
Not a fracture, a complete break.

And unlike my husband
when as a child 
he hid his fracture,
when my heart broke,
everyone knew.

And try as I might,
I tried my very hardest
to deal with it head on.

To not push it under the rug,
to not pretend it wasn't there,
to not NOT deal with it.

Holding onto to God
with all my might,
I jumped right in to
the messiness of it all,
the sorrow of it all,
the not-one-thing-normal of it all,
in an effort to get to the other side.

And yet,
it is more than obvious to me now,
as I prepare to sell my home 
and move to a brand new city
in a brand new state,
after living twenty years in my home,
and thirty years in this quaint town,
without my husband -
I am experiencing a re-breaking of my heart.

As I empty closets 
of my husband's clothes -
shirts, that with just one glance,
can bring life to a faded memory,
my heart is breaking wide open 
all over again.

As I decide 
what to do with this
and what to do with that,
the realization of his death
feels in so many ways
brand new again.

And I find myself 
wrestling with myself
to answer my own question:
"Which hurt worse?
The first break or the re-break?"

And the only answer that fits
is that of my husband:
Both - but in different ways.

This - I am discovering -
 is simply the nature of grief.

As long as I'm alive,
as long as God graciously gives
breath to my lungs,
and a beat to my heart,
are going to happen.

Like my husband,
before admitting his break,
I think the sting of grief 
can always be felt in 
some degree and in some fashion:
A scent here.
A comment there.
A song overheard.
A thought re-thought.
It doesn't take much
to stir up grief,
to bring tears,
to stop you in your tracks.

But, a re-break -
this is like starting all over.

As tears roll endlessly down my cheeks,
I hear the Great Physician,
my Abba Father say words 
that seem almost unbelievable:

"I want this heart to heal
perfectly and completely
and in order for that to happen,
we are going to have to 
re-break it.
It's not that you didn't try
to heal it properly the first time,
it's just that in order 
for the healing to be complete,
we have to heal this hurt
at every single level."

The words are hard to hear,
the pain harder yet to feel.
And yet,
four years into this journey,
with my precious Jesus by my side,
I know I can trust my God
to do what is best.

my heart has been 
broken wide open again.

But praise God,
I have no doubt,
I will only find my God
in this pain,
and closer to me
than ever before.

Healing is happening.
One break at a time.
One tear at a time.
One prayer at a time.
One step forward at a time.
One turning it over to God -
over and over and over again.

"Oh the pain.
But you know what, Beautiful?
Once it was finally healed,
I was back on that field,
playing my heart out,
better than before."

This is God's ultimate plan:

I have come that you might have life
and life more abundant.
~John 10:10

Lord, give us courage
in the times of re-breaking.
Remind me over and over,
it's all part of the plan 
to get us back in the game of life,
better than ever before.

~ Stacy

Saturday, September 26, 2020

A Glorious Beginning~

So many times
we look at the 
end of something
and think life
as we know it
is over.

maybe it is
for that particular
season of our life.

what we fail
to remember 
is that 
our God 
is a God
of new.

When one 
season is over,
it is only 
ushering in
a brand new one.

And Fall,
more than
any other season,
reminds us that
"the end"
can be 
a glorious part 
of the new beginning.

For God
is in it all.

~ Stacy

Monday, April 27, 2020

Peace is Found in the Surrender~

Sports and me?

let's just say
we're not as close as
peanut butter and jelly
or mac n cheese.

In fact,
when it comes
to sports in general,
I've always tried
to keep a safe distance
between them and me.

And yet,
I have found myself
actively engaged
in an activity
of a sporty nature.

And not just any sport,
mind you.

No - the sport
I have found myself
thrown into
is oddly
(or maybe not odd at all)
the one that allows
the least distance
between competitors.


If ever there was a
no space between,
contact sport -
wrestling is it.

As to the hows and whys
that brought me to this place,
and positioned me on this mat,
most likely this will all unravel
in future posts -
(I'm still processing it all -
because you know as well as me,
whenever God is in it,
it can be overwhelming
and it takes some time
to find the appropriate way
to communicate His move
in ways that do justice
to the all of who He is),
but for now -
it's safe to say,
this wrestling has done it's job.
(at least for the moment)

And that's the thing about wrestling:
in order to stay in the game,
in order to gain an advantage,
in order to pin your opponent,
and be declared the winner,
you have to
lean into,
press against,
and lay all your weight up against,
the one you are wrestling with.

Thankfully for me,
I have no problem
at all
leaning into,
pressing up against,
and laying all of my weight
on the one I'm wrestling.

In fact,
it is the very close proximity
and the very nature of wrestling
that has positioned me
right where I need to be:
leaning into,
pressing up against,
and laying all of my weight
on my Jesus.

I couldn't be
in a better place.

So, while sports
definitely aren't my thing,
I've come to love wrestling.

Not for the sake of wrestling,
because anyone who has wrestled
knows it can twist you
and turn you in some
unique and unusual positions
before the match is over,
wearing you out
and leaving you flat on your back
with nothing left to give,
but simply for the fact
that it brings me
so close,
so very, very, very close
to the heart
of my Father.

So close,
I can hear the beat
of His heart
and soon,
amid all the huffing and puffing,
amidst all the tossing and turning,
in spite of all the moaning and groaning,
(from me - never my Lord)
my own heart beat,
my own breaths,
begin to fall into rhythm
with His.

And like Jacob,
who wrestled
with His Lord, too,
when you come away
from the match,
you are changed -
in ways you can't even explain,
but in ways you can't deny.

And while some might feel
it is irreverent
to wrestle with the Lord,
I would humbly disagree,
for the place I have been,
the position I have found myself in,
this place of wrestling,
of leaning into,
pressing up against,
and laying all of my weight
upon my Savior
has been nothing less
than sacred and holy.

Through this wrestling,
God has
met me,
held me,
challenged me,
instructed me,
re-positioned me,
and humbled me.

He has
given me deeper insight
into who I am
in light of who He is,
and has shown me unquestioningly
the areas of my life
where spiritually speaking,
I am still so
vulnerable and weak.

And while most wrestlers
play to win,
the greatest lesson I have learned,
while wrestling with my Lord
is preciously and powerfully this:

Peace is found in the surrender.

When King Jesus is
finally and officially
declared the winner,
peace reigns supreme.

Yes, anything that draws us
closer to our Lord
is a blessing.

And for me
the blessing has come
through wrestling -
a wrestling, which in turn,
brought me to place of
willful surrender,
which ushered in
the peace
that passes all understanding.

And even though,
someone watching from the sidelines
would declare Jesus
the true winner in this match,
(which He unequivocally is -
always and each and every time,
for all time)
I have to say,
and forever give thanks,
that my losing me
to better
serve and love Him
has me
feeling like a winner, too.


Sunday, April 5, 2020

Do the Unthinkable~

So many times in life
we find our self
in a place where we never
thought we would be.


The list could go on and on -
but, you don’t need me to identify your present location.
You are there.
You already know the place where you are all too well.
And, you feel trapped.
You feel as though you have no way out.

Either by choices we have made
or circumstances beyond our control,
life takes an unexpected turn,
down an unanticipated path,
to a never before imagined,
unthinkable place.

Before we know
what has happened
or where we are,
we find our self
behind locked bars
with no key and no way out.

I know.
I’ve been there.
So have Paul and Silas.

Acts 16, NLT
22 A mob quickly formed against Paul and Silas, and the city officials ordered them stripped and beaten with wooden rods. 23 They were severely beaten, and then they were thrown into prison. The jailer was ordered to make sure they didn’t escape. 24 So the jailer put them into the inner dungeon and clamped their feet in the stocks.

Paul and Silas were stripped, beaten and thrown in jail. They found themselves in a place where they never thought they would be. It wasn’t their choice to be where they were. It was the choice of the angry mob. Yet, here they were. Mistreated. Locked up. Trapped.

Sometimes we, too, find our self in a place not of our own choosing.
Someone else or circumstances out of our control have made the choice for us.

We didn’t want a divorce.
Cancer wasn’t in our plans.
We did nothing to deserve being abused or mistreated.
Yet, it happened.
We were stripped of our dreams,
beaten down by something outside of our self,
and thrown into our situation.

We are there -
seated right beside Paul and Silas.

25 Around midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, 
and the other prisoners were listening.

Amazingly enough,
despite what they had just experienced
and in spite of where they now found themselves,
Paul and Silas decided to pray and sing.


Life sent them to an unthinkable place
and in turn, 
they did they unthinkable.

With feet bound,
and flesh torn,
they praised God.

Those around them couldn’t help
but hear the praises
flowing from their hearts.

Chances are you
are not alone
in your unthinkable place.

If you look around,
you will discover others
going through the same experience you are.

Could it be you have
found yourself in this place
by no choice of your own
because God has plans to use you
to bless others who are walking this road with you?

26 Suddenly, there was a massive earthquake, and the prison was shaken to its foundations. All the doors immediately flew open, and the chains of every prisoner fell off!

Paul and Silas chose to praise God
and when they did,
God responded.

And, don’t miss this!

Their praise not only set them free,
but it brought freedom to the entire prison.
EVERYONE in the prison was set free.

Today in the very midst of your situation,
I challenge you to praise God -
not silently, but boldly.

Praise Him with everything you’ve got!
Praise Him no matter where you are
and no matter who may hear.
Praise Him from the very depths of your heart.

Like Paul and Silas,
your praise has the potential
to not only set you free,
but to loose the chains
of all those imprisoned with you!

27 The jailer woke up to see the prison doors wide open. He assumed the prisoners had escaped, so he drew his sword to kill himself. 28 But Paul shouted to him, “Stop! Don’t kill yourself! We are all here!”

The jailer was the one responsible
for all the prisoners.
This was his job.
This is what he had been told to do.
This was his place in life.
Yet, when the prisoners appeared to be free
and he thought his job and his life were over,
he almost killed himself.

Chances are the ones in your life
who have been holding you prisoner
are in this place because
this is what they know.
This is what they have been taught.
This is where life has placed them.

Those who have been abused often abuse others.
Hurting people hurt people.
But notice,
through the power of praise,
even the jailer -
the one holding them captive -
was set free!

29 The jailer called for lights and ran to the dungeon and fell down trembling before Paul and Silas. 30 Then he brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”

31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved, along with everyone in your household.” (Act 16)

Did you notice the jailer
brought them out of the jail.
They didn’t remain where
they once were
now that they had been set free.

When God opens
locked doors in our life
we can’t dilly dally around
and stay in the place
that once held us captive.

We must get out.
We must move 
into the new place of freedom 
God has for us.

The jailer knew this.
He wanted nothing to do
with the old place he had been.

And, he wanted whatever it was
Paul and Silas had.

He wanted joy -
the kind that makes you sing
when you are imprisoned.

He wanted power -
the kind that opens prison doors
and sets captives free.

Most of all, though -
He wanted to experience
true freedom in Christ.
He (the only one physically free)
wanted to truly be set free!

It doesn’t matter where you are today.
It doesn’t matter if you are there
because of choices you made
or choices someone else made.  
All that matters is that God is there with you.

Like Paul and Silas, you can be set free.
Like Paul and Silas, God can use you to set others free.
The choice is yours.

Are you in an unthinkable place today?

Then, like Paul and Silas - do the unthinkable.

and watch God do the unthinkable!

Watch God move!
Watch God shake your world!

Watch God open the doors
and loosen the chains
and set you
and everyone around you,


Saturday, April 4, 2020

Don't Settle~

Dust settles.

When life stirs it up,
it simply settles,
however and wherever.

Although made of dust,
when life stirs you and me up
through hardships,
and dead ends,
you and I
should be very intentional
as to
and how
we settle.

Through each of these
"dust flying moments",
God can work a work in us
that will far outweigh
and greatly exceed
any inconvenience,
any anger,
any hopelessness
we might experience
in the midst of it.

Our job is not
to simply "settle"
for what life hands us;
our job is to place our life
in God's hand
and allow Him
to use every bit of it
to settle us
in Him.

And after you have 
suffered a little while,
the God of all grace
[Who imparts all blessing and favor],
Who has called you to His [own]
eternal glory in Christ Jesus,
will Himself complete
and make you 
what you ought to be,
establish and ground you securely,
and strengthen,
and settle you.
~1 Peter 5:10 (AMP)

Don't ever settle
for anything less
than God's best for you.

Don't ever settle
until God, Himself,
has settled you.


Monday, March 30, 2020

All You Need~

Lying in bed,
head on my pillow,
eyes closed tight,
head focused on God,
my spirit cried out to God.

"Lord, fill me with all I need."

There in the darkness,
I listened for His still small voice.

"My child,
you already have
all you need.
You have my Spirit
living inside you.
All that I am is yours,
ready to be accessed
any time,
any place,
in any situation.

You have all you need
because you have Me.

My child, don't you see?
You ask amiss.

The cry of your heart
is not about what you need,
it's about what you fear.
And for this,
you have all you need, as well.

For I did not give you
a spirit of fear,
but of power,
and of love,
and of a sound mind.

Power - my Spirit working in you.
Love - my Spirit flowing from you.
A sound mind - my Spirit living through you.

Don't be afraid, My child.
You have Me
and you already have
all you need.

Rest in this truth.
Rest in Me.
Simply rest, My child."

And, I did.~♥️



Friday, March 20, 2020

How'd I Miss That?~

When my father's health was declining,
the Lord opened the door for me
to move back home with my parents.

my husband wasn't able
to make the move.

For five years,
seven hours of driving each way,
my husband and I commuted
back and forth
on long weekends and holidays.

(Did I mention we traveled
this seven hour road
back and forth,
forth and back
for five years?)

Each time I found myself
behind the wheel,
I was on a mission:
getting home
to see my husband
or getting back up
to my parents.
Both hands
on the steering wheel,
eyes locked on the road
in front of me,
full steam ahead.

A couple of years ago,
far removed from the situation
that had been my life
for five years,
I traveled this same route
once again.

This time was different, though.
I had no mission.
I was leisurely traveling North
to spend time with my mother.
I was on a mini-vacation.
Time was my friend,
not my enemy.
The trip was inviting,
not to be endured.

what a trip it was.

I saw antelope,
bouquets of wild flowers,
fluffy clouds,
a stately windmill,
the smile on an elderly lady
as I drove down the main street
of a little town.

Everywhere I looked,
I saw beauty.
Each time I turned
my head or a corner,
I saw life.

The entire trip
I saw everything
I had failed to see
for five years!

How had I missed all of this before?

Sadly, each time
I drove this road before
I only saw
what was right
in front of me.

The commitments.
The obligations.
The demands.
The deadlines.
The distance to be traveled.

The same was true of Elisha's servant.
When the servant of the man of God got up and went out early the next morning, an army with horses and chariots had surrounded the city. “Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?” the servant asked.

“Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

And Elisha prayed, “Open his eyes, LORD, so that he may see.” Then the LORD opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. 2 Kings 6:15-17
When he awoke one morning,
all Elisha's servant could see
was an army surrounding him.

That's it!

He only saw
what was directly
in front of him.
But then,
Elisha prayed
the eyes of this
"spiritually blind" man
would be opened
to see what was
truly before him -
the army of the Lord
surrounding them.

It makes no difference 
if we are merely out
for a joy ride 
or fighting the battle 
of our life, 
we cannot afford 
to lose our spiritual vision.

We cannot settle
for merely seeing
what is before us.
We must also see
beyond that,
to see God
in every place
of our life.

In the beauty
of a desert landscape,
He is there.

In the operating room
of a hospital,
He is there.

In the traveling
of life's highway,
He is there.

And yes,
even (and especially!)
in the deadlines,
and diseases
of life,
He is there.

Don't miss 
what you can't see
by only concentrating
on what you do see.

Faith looks beyond.

Faith sees
what can't be seen

When we allow God
to open our eyes,
our vision becomes clear.

We see beauty
where we have never
noticed it before.

We see the
army of the Lord
encamped around us
ready to
protect and defend.

We see God!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Squinty Eyes, Still~

most times, in fact,
even if we aren't even looking -
God is faithful to place right in front of us,
exactly what our heart is needing most.

At least that's the way
it happens most often for me.

Not while on bent knee
(although He does speak to me here),
not while knee deep in scripture,
(although He does speak to me here),
not while sitting on a pew
(although He does speak to me here),
not while crying out in desperation
(although He does speak to me here),
not while I am looking for Him
(although He does speak to me here).

more times than not,
when I'm completely lost in my own little world,
not focused on my Abba Father at all,
love gifts for my heart
that are undeniably from Him,
and all about me,
are placed smack dab in front of me.

because these precious gifts come
at a moment when I'm not looking at all,
they bring with them,
each and every time,
an even deeper awareness of our God
who is ever
present in our life.

Such was the case one day
while I was mindlessly scrolling
through my Instagram feed.

God showed up in the most beautiful place,
unveiling desperately needed truth
in the most precious of words:

"Like Lazarus,
we've all had our brush with death,
a moment or two when
the light was eclipsed
by a terrible dark.
We know what it's like to
feel the breath squeezed out of us
by hard relationships,
tough circumstances,
unexpected events.
And although we might push through
to the other side,
it often takes us more than a minute
to adjust our eyes from dark
to the light."
~Michele Cushatt

As my heart reached out
to grab hold of each and every word,
I realized I was doing so
through squinty eyes -
eyes that have not yet
fully adjusted to the light
of this new season
where I now find myself.

Like this morning -
with news of the pandemic
making its way
from video of far away places
to the next state over,
and now indeed,
the next city over,
new, never-before felt
feelings of grief
sprung up from deep inside.

And what was most
surprising of all,
beyond the fact
that - here -
four years later,
grief still washes over me,
sometimes with the intensity
of the waves of grief
I experienced early on -
was the emotion
this wave stirred up:

I've heard it said
anger is one of the
"normal" stages of grief,
but honestly,
before today,
I haven't really come
face to face with it.

But today,
the anger was strong.
And the face of the one
I saw in my anger,
the face of the one
my heart was mad at,
was that of my husband.

Only instantly -
as soon as the anger came,
as soon as I realized my man
was the one my anger was directed at and to,
I tried to squelch the emotion
before it came full blown out and out -

Not that the anger didn't seemed justified,
because my broken heart
certainly thought it was,
not that the anger wasn't a "normal" grief emotion
because like I said,
I've read enough
and been told enough
to know that it is,
but simply because
if I let this emotion run free,
if I let myself get mad at my man,
how would I ever be able
to apologize to him
and make it right again?

The conversation
I heard myself
having with myself
went something like this:

How could you, Handsome?
How could you leave me alone
after promising to be here
to take care of me?

Also Me:
Take it easy.  Don't be angry.
Yes, He promised,
AND he kept that promise.
The promise was only until
death do you part.

Yes, but Handsome -
you always said you would be here
when things got crazy.
That's why I married you.
(Well, ok - that's not the only reason,
but it was on the list!)
You know how to hunt and gather.
You know how to survive in the woods.
You know these mountains
better than our city streets.

Also ME:
Really, Stac?! C'mon, girl.
Yes, yes, yes to all of that,
but if he was here
you know what he would say.
"Look to the mountain maker, Beautiful.
That's where your help comes from."
C'mon, don't get angry.
Keep the peace between you.

(Honestly, that line there -
I have no doubt
was the Holy Spirit speaking.
Over the 25 years of being
with my man,
I had heard that very line
spoken to my heart
time and time again
in the heat of a "disagreement".)

You're right.
I know you're right.
I don't want to be angry.
I don't want to be mad.
I think I'm simply feeling fear
and that vulnerable feeling of being just one
after so many years
of being a mighty, unstoppable force of two.

Also ME:
I get that.
But again,
you know what he would say.
"Look to the mountain maker, Beautiful.
That's where your help comes from."
It's where he got
his strength,
his wisdom,
his peace.
It's where you get yours, too.
With God, you are
never, ever just one.
Don't be angry.
Look to God.

And the treasure of this moment -
this moment when God spoke
and I wasn't even looking,
was this:

It was more than ok
that I was
fighting the waves,
the unexpected,
don't see them coming
until they hit you
waves of grief -

It was more than ok
that I was
feeling a sense
of fear and vulnerability
trying to transition
back to one
after so long having been
a mighty, unstoppable force of two -

It was ok,
if the light
from this new season,
had me looking out at life
with squinty eyes,
trying to adjust
and see clearly -

It was all ok,
as long as -
(and this is HUGE)
as long as my eyes
never lost sight of my God
in the midst of it all.

As long as
my eyes were fixed on my God -

more times than not,
when I'm completely lost in my own little world,
not focused on my Abba Father at all,
love gifts for my heart
that are undeniably from Him,
and all about me,
are placed smack dab in front of me.

This -
a precious gift, indeed.


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Saturday, March 14, 2020

On Fear, Crayons, and the REALity of it All~

"Joshua, it's ok, now. You can take your fingers out of your ears."

Several years ago, I was given the awesome privilege of serving as a Nanny for a wonderful young couple who had been blessed with three small boys. One son attended a Christian preschool in the mornings. One day, when I arrived around noon to pick him up, I walked in on this conversation between his teacher and one of his fellow classmates.

Noticing I had entered the room, the teacher shared with me that the school fire alarm had been malfunctioning, sounding numerous times over the course of the morning. It was obvious by the look on Joshua's face, and of course the fingers in his ears, that the alarm was getting to him.

"Joshua. Finish coloring your picture, Honey."

Joshua, who had no intention of using his fingers for anything other than preventing the loud, shrill sound of the alarm from penetrating his small ears again, just sat there.

"Really, it's ok, Buddy. I think the men have fixed the problem. I don't think we will hear it anymore today."

"But what if there's a fire?" he asked.

"Honey, the fire alarm isn't going off because there is a fire in our school. It's just not working right today. It's ok, though, because there are some men here fixing it. There is no fire. Our school is fine. "

"But what if there IS a fire?" he asked again.

"Well then, we will simply do what we did earlier today when the alarm went off and we practiced our safety drill. We will go outside where we will be safe. It's ok, Joshua. There is nothing to worry about. Finish your picture, Sweetheart."

Still, Joshua sat totally immobilized by the fear which had gripped his heart.

"I don't want to die in the fire!!!" he finally screamed.

Walking over to Joshua and gently taking his fingers out of his ears, the teacher knelt down beside this scared little three year old and looked him right in the eye.

"Don't worry, Joshua. I'm right here. I promise I won't let anything happen to you. I'll take care of you, Joshua. I promise. Teacher is right here with you."

For the first time since I had entered the room, a look of peace flooded Joshua's face. It was ok. He didn't need to worry. Teacher was here and she would take care of him. He was safe because she was right here with him. Joshua reached for his blue crayon. Soon, he was back to work coloring his picture and sharing in conversation and laughter with his classmates.

As I'd witnessed this scene, I'd realized I am a lot like Joshua. I have a tendency to let the cares and worries of this world grip my heart, leaving me paralyzed in fear, unable to enjoy all that is going on around me. I become consumed with fear and allow it to steal the life (not to mention the joy) right out of me.

As I watched Joshua, I was reminded of a acronym I once heard for the word fear:

F - false

E- evidence

A- appearing

R - real

This was certainly the case with Joshua. Joshua was fearful of a fire that didn't exist. I, too, am fearful of things that probably don't exist either, or most likely will never even happen. Yet, even though what I fear is not usually real, the fear itself most definitely is!

Maybe you are like Joshua and me. Maybe you also struggle with fear. If so, how can you and I learn to escape this fear, once and for all, and live in the freedom and abundance of life that Christ wants us so desperately to experience?

It's quite simple, really. Joshua found his peace when he realized his teacher was right there with him and would take care of him. We can partake of this same peace by keeping our heart and mind fixed on our Heavenly Father, who promises to never leave us, nor forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) Even more than this teacher could ever hope to be there for Joshua, our God IS there for us. We don't have to fear ANYTHING in this life, because our Father is with us.

I have heard it said that the phrase "Fear Not" is found 365 times in the Bible. 365 times! That is one time for each day of the year or each day of our life. Obviously, God wants us to live a life free of fear.

Fear tries to take us prisoner, causing us to think irrationally and respond unwisely. We need to remember that most fear comes from Satan. The Bible tells us that God didn't give us a spirit of fear, but rather one of power, love and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:7) Only when we choose to keep our focus on Christ, knowing and believing that He is always with us, will we be free from the torment of fear. As we rely on Him to take care of us and to work all things out for our good and His glory, we will be able to let go of fear and instead take hold of the power, love and sound mind freely available to us through Christ.

The choice is up to us. We can either choose to sit around with our fingers stuck in our ears, fearful of what might happen, all the while missing out on what IS happening, or we can rest in the faithfulness of our Heavenly Father, embracing and thoroughly enjoying each and every minute of our life

Now..... where did I leave my crayon?


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Just a Tap, Even~

"Just knock on the wall.
Just a tap, even.
I'll be right out there.
If you need anything at all, Beautiful,
just knock and I'll come."

Early in our marriage,
and even earlier in my life,
(probably since infanthood
the doctor had told my mother),
I suffered from migraine headaches.

When I first met my husband, though,
in our early dating years
and on into our newlywed days,
they seemed to be at their peak.

My migraines
(at least to me)
were over the top.
Pain unlike anything describable.
And, my migraines
(at least to me)
were so very scary.
They felt as though my head
would literally explode.

And whenever one hit,
honestly all I could do,
was lay my head down.
To be still.
To try my very hardest
not to move.
Not an inch.
Not the tiniest of movements.
Because if I did -
if I moved my body
even the slightest bit -
my stomach was almost always sure
to join in the fun.

Except my arms.
For some reason,
moving my arms didn't count.
Maybe because I could move them
and the whole rest of me
stayed put.

And early on
into our newlywed days,
seeing the love of his life
suffering with these
(at that time)
fairly regular migraine episodes,
my man took to his knees.
He prayed for healing;
for God to take these headaches away.

But in the meantime,
each and every time
one came,
my husband was there.

At first,
(because lying completely down
wasn't an option -
only making the already incredible pain, worse)
my man would sit behind me,
then I would lean back
onto him,
and settle into his presence.

Feeling him close,
relying on his strength
to hold me up
and letting my own strength go,
healing began.

With his hand,
he would oh, so gently
stroke my hair.
A touch so light
it almost wasn't,
but a touch
that amazingly touched
every part of me.

Minute after minute,
we would sit
in the stillness,
in the dark.

And, minute after minute,
little by little,
the pain would start
to subside.

When it let up enough
for me to lie down,
my man would slowly
slip out from behind me
and oh, so gently
bring pillows up to meet me,
so the transition
was as smooth as possible,
and the movement
as little as possible.

And then -
as he was leaving the room,
he always said these words:

"Just knock on the wall.
Just a tap, even.
I'll be right out there.
If you need anything at all, Beautiful,
just knock and I'll come."

And, he did.
Whether completely absorbed
in an exciting basketball game on TV,
or cooking him something to eat
in our little cocina,
or washing a load of laundry,
if I knocked,
he came.
If I tapped, even,
he was there.

a migraine brought me
home from work,
and into my bed.
The second of only two migraines
(Thank you, Lord)
I have had
since my husband passed away
four years ago.

As I tried propping myself up,
the tears began to fall.
And the missing of my man
overtook me
with the same intensity
as the pain in my head.

And, I cried and cried and cried.
(And if truth be told,
I am crying here now,
as I type these words.)

The tears fell and fell,
unbridled, unstoppable,
until -
in my heart,
I heard the words
my husband had spoken
over and over again.

while they were uniquely his,
the voice I heard
whispering them to my heart,
was that of my Abba Father.

"If you need anything at all, sweet girl,
just knock and I'll come."

And, upon hearing HIS words,
upon being reminded of HIS invitation
to come to Him
all who are weary,
all who are in need of rest,
I did what my man did
so many times before.

In my spirit,
without moving an inch,
I went to my knees in prayer.

I leaned back
onto Him,
and I settled into
His presence.
Feeling Him close,
relying on His strength
to hold me up
and letting my own strength go,
healing began.
A touch of healing
so light it almost wasn't,
but a touch
that amazingly touched
every part of me.

Minute after minute,
my God and I
sat in the stillness,
sat in the dark.

And, minute after minute,
little by little,
the pain started to subside.
sweet sleep took over.

Four beautiful hours of sleep.

Now, here I sit -
resting on my patio,
a cloudy sky above me,
a light breeze caressing me,
and an orchestra of feathered friends serenading me.

And the intensity of praise
flowing from my heart,
far surpasses
any pain or discomfort from this day.

For The Lover of my soul,
the Great I AM,
my Abba Father -
has restored my soul.

And all it took,
(all it ever takes)
is a simple knock,
the slightest tap, even.

and it will be given to you:
and you will find;
and it will be opened to you.
~Matthew 7:7

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
~Psalm 46:1


Tuesday, January 28, 2020

When a Heart Wants to Know~

I open her message
and as I do,
the desire of her heart
spills over into mine
through the words written there:

Hi friend,
Today in church my pastor was talking about making a new year resolution. He suggested making a simple resolution - to live by faith and not by sight. How allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you will change you from the inside, little by little.

I guess where my question is is this: How do I do that?

To me it doesn't seem so simple. Don't get me wrong. I somewhat understand. I feel in touch with the Holy Spirit when I am quiet and focused, but what about in daily trials and decision making? I don't know why this concept doesn't feel so simple, but at the same time it feels like EVERYTHING I want this year to be about.

My private resolution for this year (before church today) was to strengthen my relationship with God, devote more time to my Bible and be more aware of my mouth and my emotions. I think these two are somewhat the same, but now I feel a little confused. I think this is something we all strive for, but he made it seem so simple that now I find myself questioning what that "really" means to me.

As I read her words,
it is as if
she is sitting beside me,
and we are once again,
sharing our hearts,
like so many times before.
Only now -
miles between
leave us no other choice
than being connected
via social media.

I put my phone down,
and I lift my eyes
(and the eyes of my heart)

I pray
for His words.

A day passes.
Then, another day.
And, another.
And then one night,
I hear His voice
and I reply:

Hi, my beautiful friend! Happy, blessed new year to you. And, I know it is going to be just that for you because the desire of your heart is to know the heart of God. As I read your words, and most importantly - heard your heart in each one, I was struck by how what you were asking me about "how to do" was so similar to the friendship, relationship, heart to heart bond that has become me and you.

When I first met you (and visa versa), our time together was cordial, pleasant, and amazingly comfortable and relaxed - so much so that my first brief introduction with you left me wanting to know you more. Visit after visit of honest time spent together, and honest and real conversations trusted to and shared with each other soon made time with you more like "heart therapy" than a simple get together.

I started to know your heart. You started to know mine. I started a sentence. You finished it. I felt your struggles as though they were my own (because they now were because of our relationship) and you "took on and carried mine". And, I say all of this to say - for me, precious friend, this is how you walk in the Spirit. To lean in close to God, to become so attuned with His Spirit that you know His voice. To know what would please His heart or hurt it. To know in your innermost being His leading, convicting, encouraging, re-directing, longing, etc. 

It's simple in the fact that once you know, you know. Just like the knowing of you is simple because my heart knows you so deeply and personally. But, it - like any relationship - is also "difficult" in the sense that it requires you being intentional, deliberate, honest, real, willing to set aside regular time for "visits" to know God deeper and more intimately. 

Our relationship was built over time and it's the same with God. Like you said, you already are aware of His Spirit in you. You are seeking Him and wanting to know Him more. And, you will. Day by day. The harder you listen. The more you be still in His presence. The more you pray, read His word, join a women's Bible study, listen to Christian music, read daily devotionals, spend time worshiping, lean in to know Him more, your heart will become more and more attuned to His.

Think also about your relationships with your two young sons. Just like your spirit can sense things about your precious boys "simply" because you know them so very well as their mother, you'll be able to sense things about God because you are His daughter. One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:13 - "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all of your heart." 

I am sharing this here,
because maybe,
just like my precious friend,
you, too,
have the same desire,
have the same question.

Maybe, you too,
feel as though this concept
of walking by faith
and not by sight
doesn't feel so simple,
but at the same time
feels like EVERYTHING
you want this year to be about.

If so -
this is for you, too,
precious one.

And I will end this here,
the same way,
I ended my words to her-

If you make even the slightest effort
to "meet Him", precious friend,
He will meet you right back.