Thursday, June 6, 2019

For His Name's Sake~

I don't tell you this to boast,
but to make a point.

When I was little,
I almost never got in trouble.
(At least not while I was
 outside the walls of our home.)

I never got sent to the Principal's office.
I never had a "run in with the law".
I was a good kid who always tried
to be on my best behavior.

Like I said,
I don't tell you this to boast,
but to make a point.

And, my point is this:
How I behaved reflected on my parents.

I knew what I did would either
bring them praise or....

I knew this
because my father
had told me so.

"Stac, (my daddy always called me Stac) 
wherever you go and whatever you do, 
remember this. 
You're a Mitchell. 

You're wearing my name. 

When you were born 
I proudly gave you my name 
as your own. 

Wear it proudly. 

Never do things 
that will bring shame to you, 
to me, to your mother, to your sisters 
or to our family name."

Now, I have a new name.
I have been adopted into a new family.
I am now a daughter
of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I now wear HIS name.

As a Christian, I, too,
have a responsibility
to be on "my best behavior".

Not to bring praise to me,
but to uphold the name of my Heavenly Father,
to live my life for His name's sake.

As a Christian, 
my behavior is directly interwoven 
with God's reputation.

Through reading God's Word
and the guiding of the Holy Spirit,
you and I have come to know
the true character of God.

He is merciful and just,
forgiving and kind,
faithful and true.

We know who God really is.

But sadly, not everyone does.

Your life may be the only Bible some people read.
 ~Author Unknown

When our behavior 
tarnishes God's reputation,
His true character is in jeopardy 
of never being seen 
by those around us.

When we call our self a Christian,
we are wearing Christ's name.

As our children, our neighbors and our co-workers
watch us living out our lives,
are they seeing Christ for who He really is?

As we
drive down the street,
shop at the local grocery store,
step into the movie theater,
cheer on our favorite team,
wear our favorite outfit,

are we helping others
to focus in on who God is


does what we do
make is difficult
for others to see God at all?

Are we bringing glory and honor
to His name,
or are we tarnishing His reputation
by our un-Christlike behavior?

What is your life telling others about your God?

What is mine?

Are you and I ruining God's reputation?

Or, are we living in such a way that the beauty of His character is
                         and oh, so very inviting?

Are we living our life for His name's sake?

Let your light so shine before men 
that they may see your moral excellence 
and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds 
and recognize and honor and praise and glorify 
your Father Who is in heaven. 
~Matthew 5:16, The Amplified Bible


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