Sunday, June 30, 2019

A God Thing~

hearing God's voice
is easy.

"Thou shalt not steal."

"Love your neighbor as yourself."

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God."

hearing God's voice
is not.

And really,
maybe it's not
the actual hearing
that is difficult.
Maybe it's knowing if
the voice we are hearing
is truly God's
that makes listening so tricky.

This morning,
as I was sitting
at my kitchen table
working on some photos
for my Heartprints of God facebook page,
I got an alert
on my phone
that I had a message.

The message was from
a former student of mine
who lives in another state -
who is now all grown up -
a husband
and a father.

The message was a Facebook link
to a live church service,
followed by these words:

I know you can't 
be here today,
but if you can watch
and say a prayer
for our children,
that would be awesome.
We are commissioning 
our kids today.
We should be after this song.

I clicked the link
and instantly
found myself
joining this precious family
in worship
and the commissioning service
of their young son and daughter.

After words of
Godly instruction and encouragement
from the pastor,
followed by words of
declaration and commitment
from all of the parents
participating in the commissioning service,
the pastor asked those
who were there today
representing these families,
to please stand
and reach their hands forward
as he prayed over
these young children
and their parents.

I stood up
right at my kitchen table
and reached out my hands
in the direction
of my computer screen
and this precious family.

As the pastor prayed,
tears of joy and thanksgiving
made their way down my cheeks.

To have had the honor
to know this man
as a child.

To have had the honor
to speak words of Jesus
into his heart
and into his life.

To see him now,
with children of his own,
desiring nothing more than
for his own son
and his own daughter
to know and love
the Jesus
he knows and loves.

To be the one
he would invite
to stand with them
in prayer
and as a witness -
what an honor.

Because you see,
six months before
my husband passed away,
my man and I
had sat at the funeral
of this student's father.

because you see,
six months after
my husband passed away,
my sister-in-law and I
had sat at the funeral
of this student's mother.

because you see,
earlier this year
in another message,
speaking about himself
and his two brothers,
this student had left
these words behind:
Thank you Stacy
for all you've done
in our lives.
You've helped us
grow into the men
we are today.

because you see,
just this past Mother's Day,
this student
left this comment
on a photo I had posted
of my own mother and me:
I've decided that 
you're now
my adopted mom.
You've given enough
lectures, scoldings, 
praises and encouragement
through my years
that most mothers 
give their own children.
Happy Mother's day from me
and all of your former children.
Love you.

Today wasn't simply about
and standing up for
and supporting this family
as a former teacher,
but. as. family.

And I tell you all of that
to tell you this:

When I went to bed last night,
I couldn't shake the feeling
that I should
stay home this weekend
and not attend church.

I kept hearing this
over and over and over
in my spirit,
and as I did,
I kept trying to figure out
if it was God's voice
directing me to stay home
or if it was mine -
choosing to be selfish,
choosing to be anti-social,
choosing me instead of choosing "Thee".

after much time in prayer,
I finally decided
for whatever reason,
this was indeed God's voice.

So, I obeyed.

I stayed home
and decided
to spend the morning
working on photos.

that's when the message came.

The very same message -
that -
if I had been attending church -
would have went
un-acted upon
until a couple hours later
when it would have been
too late.

hearing God's voice
is easy.
it is not.

Especially when
the voice we are hearing
seems to be contrary
to what we think
His voice should be saying.

"Stay home from church."

what God is teaching me -
(and maybe you, too)
is this:

God will ask us
to let go
of a good thing
so He can
exchange it with
a God thing.

There would have been
absolutely nothing wrong
with my attending church, -
that is definitely a good thing to do -
if I would have been there,
I would have missed
this very special God moment.

Looking back now
it's easy to see,
God didn't want me
to miss church,
He simply had
a different location in mind.

And I found myself,
once again
with tears in my eyes,
thanking God for
arranging it all
so I might be a part -
even if only via online.

And I found myself
once again down on bent knees,
praying earnestly for
ears that will always
hear His voice clearly,
a spirit that will always
discern His voice distinctly,
and a heart that will always
obey His voice completely.

My sheep
hear My voice,
and I know them,
and the follow Me.
~John 10:27

Speak, Lord.
Your servant is listening.


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