Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Oh, So Extravagantly!

From where I sit,
on an iron chair
in our front yard,
I see it.

Extravagant love,
right here on display,
for all to see.

chances are,
anyone else sharing my view
would simply see
one Texas red yucca plant
after another
after another
after another
after another -
lining both sides of our yard.

So many so
that to an unknowing eye
looking on,
it might appear as though
there are too many;
that one or two
would be sufficient.

But, that's not how he loved.

"Look, Handsome!
Aren't they beautiful?
Oh! I love them!
Such a beautiful salmon color
and just look how they sway in the breeze!"

Joining my man
on a trip to the post office,
we were driving through
the mail drop off lane
when I spotted some
(you guessed it)
texas red yucca plants
in full bloom.

My man looked at me
and smiled,
and then off we went
to take care of the next item
on our "to do" list.

It wasn't until the following year,
when all these tiny little yucca plants
started poking through the gravel
along the rock dividers
lining our yard,
that I realized
how very well my husband listened
and how very deep my man loved.

Now, years later,
on a day like today,
when our yuccas are in full bloom,
all I see -
even beyond their magnificent beauty,
is the extravagant love of my man.

Would I have been happy
with simply one or two?
But, love -
true love -
always goes above and beyond.

Just look at national cemeteries
on a day like Memorial Day,
where here in America
we remember those
who gave their lives
that we might enjoy ours.

Just look at Calvary,
on a day like Good Friday -
and every single moment
of every other day -
where the world over
we see the
width and length
and depth and height
of our Savior's love.
extravagantly on display.

true love
is nothing short of

The woman with the alabaster box,
on bent knees,
washing Jesus' feet
not only with her hair,
but with her tears.

Paul, a self-proclaimed slave of the gospel,
thanking God
and exuberantly rejoicing
that even in a jail cell,
the good news of Christ
is being proclaimed.

Christians the world over
persecuted and killed
for standing out
and standing up
for the One
who gave all for them.

This is love.

Above and beyond.



Lord, teach me to love.
Not just a little.
Not just a lot.
Oh, so extravagantly!

Lord, help me be willing
to love with no limits,
to love with no restrictions,
to love with no bounds.

Because really,
is anything less,
truly love?


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