Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Someday You Will~

It's a funny thing about words.

we don't truly grasp
the meaning of all they imply
or are intended to convey
until a time further down the road.

at a time when we least expect it,
but need a revelation the most,
words spoken long before,
speak to our heart.

This was the case for the disciples.

They had followed Christ,
only to desert Him
in His time of greatest need.

They had witnessed the suffering
He had endured,
and they had beheld
His lifeless body
on the cross of Calvary.

They had also been given
the awesome privilege
of being eyewitnesses
to His resurrected body.

It was His resurrection
that took them back in memory
to another time and another place
when Jesus' words had been spoken,
but not truly understood.

Not until this very moment,
that is.

The scene of remembrance was the temple.

with only dollar signs in mind,
were selling their goods.
Instead of a house of worship,
the temple was now
a place of
theft, corruption, and human greed.

Jesus raised His voice
and His hands
and put a stop
to this mockery.

As tables were turned over,
and the business in the temple
was turned up side down,
tempers flared.

The Jewish leaders demanded, 
“What are you doing? 
If God gave you authority to do this, 
show us a miraculous sign to prove it.”

“All right,” Jesus replied. 
“Destroy this temple, 
and in three days 
I will raise it up.”

“What!” they exclaimed. 
“It has taken forty-six years 
to build this Temple, 
and you can rebuild it 
in three days?” 

But when Jesus said “this temple,” 
he meant his own body.

After he was raised from the dead, 
his disciples remembered 
he had said this, 
and they believed 
both the Scriptures 
and what Jesus had said. 
~ John 2:18-22 (NLT)

it takes a
or in this case,
a resurrection,
to open our eyes 
to the truth 
God has already placed 
in our heart 
days, months, or even years before.

As we daily walk with God
and dig deep
into the riches of His Word,
we uncover spiritual truth
and heavenly treasures.

Some are realized
the moment we discover them.

Some, however,
are not completely unwrapped
or truly appreciated and understood
until a future moment in time.

Some scriptures are just
words on a page
that have yet
to illuminate our heart and mind.

But, rest assured.

There will come a time
when the very Words of Life
we have heard before
will come back
to fill our heart with hope
and deepen our faith in our Lord.

In a moment when
we least expect it,
but when we need
HIS revelation the most,
words spoken long before,
scriptures we have read,
verses we have memorized,
holy words resting on the page
of God's Holy Word,
will speak
encouraging truth
to our heart.


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