Sunday, March 3, 2019

Exactly Right~

As soon as I open
the bathroom window,
I see them.

All of them.

Bright. Pink. Beautiful.

Our peach tree is in full bloom,
and the blossoms are
straight ahead, 
in my direct view,
only a few feet away,
as I look out the window.

And, I smile.
And yes, 
(if you've been reading here 
for any amount of time,
you know what's coming next),
I cry,
all at the same time.

And I remember
like it was just yesterday,
the brief, but oh so precious,
conversation between
my husband and me when, -
so many years ago,
I opened this very same window,
the very first spring 
after this tree had been planted,
and saw the blossoms.

Totally surprised
and completely overcome
by the unexpected beauty 
that greeted my eyes,
I had immediately called out to my man.

"Handsome!  Come quick!
Come see!  Handsooooome! Come here!"

not knowing why
I was calling out for him,
my man had immediately
started making his way towards me
as soon as he had heard me calling.

"What, Beautiful?  What is it?"

But, as soon as he 
was able to see me
standing there
looking out the window,
he knew.

And, he smiled.
A huge, beautiful "I love you" smile.

"Oh!  They are so beautiful!
Look at them, Handsome!"

"I knew you would like them.
That's why I purposely planted
that tree exactly in that spot.
I wanted you to see the blossoms
each and every spring
when you opened your window."

three years after his passing,
this Spring,
like so many others before,
finds me standing at my window,
soaking in the beauty right outside.

As odd as it may seem,
when my husband 
planted this peach tree,
he had one mission in mind:
to bless his wife
with a beautiful peach blossom "bouquet"
every spring.

That's it!
That was his purpose.

And, if we happened, by chance,
to be able to harvest
a few peaches each year,
they would simply be
icing on the cake.

When considering the location
for planting this tree,
he never once stopped to ask
if the soil in this spot was rich enough,
if the yard in this spot was "sunlighty" enough,
if the spot would make a good spot or not.

And probably to those looking on, -
those who only see the tree
but not the heart or the intention
of the one who planted it -
this tree doesn't seem to be
in the right spot at all.

And yet -
for the purpose 
for which it was planted,
it is in exactly the right spot.

And I can't help 
but think about me,
and the places where
God, Himself,
has chosen to plant me.

Especially now,
when the place 
I currently seem to be
doesn't seem "right" at all.

someone who 
avoided funerals,
avoided those who were grieving,
avoided all the 
heartbreak and all the uncomfortable
that came with loss.
here, now,
heart deep in a ministry -
that for the last three years, at least -
has been totally and completely
centered around and focused on

And what God spoke 
to me so tenderly today,
as I stood taking in the beauty
right outside my bathroom window 
was this:

To you, looking on,
it might seem as though
I never thought once about
whether this assignment was
a good fit,
a good choice,
a good spot for you to be,
but when I uprooted you
and planted you in this new spot,
I had a specific purpose in mind.

When others have weathered 
the dark and cold of mourning,
and are brave enough
to open the window of their heart
and peer out 
past the sorrow
and the grief,
and the heartbreak,
to the new season 
opening up before them,
I want them to be able to see,
directly in front of them,
right there in plain sight,
My faithfulness,
My presence,
My goodness,
My love.

I have handpicked you
and your ministry of words
to be a living "bouquet" -
showcasing to all
who I am.

For this moment,
for this time,
for this season,
you are exactly in the right spot.

The blossoms on the tree
are beautiful.
Not only do they speak to me
of my husband's love,
but also of my Creator.

I pray,
with the Spirit's help,
I, too, can bloom
in a way
that honor's my God,
that draws hurting hearts
and tear-filled eyes
straight to the Father.

And that through the words here,
through something His Spirit
types through my fingertips,
others will come to see 
a revelation of their Heavenly Father
they have not yet seen, -
a revelation that will
and heal.

Yes, this tree -
it is exactly where it
needs to be.

Lord, may I, too,
be willing to bloom
exactly where You
have chosen to plant me.

Where has God planted you?

Chances are,
you, too,
are in exactly the right place
for the purpose
for which He has in mind.


Allow God to use you
to be a beautiful expression
of who He is.


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