Thursday, February 14, 2019

God's Heart of Love~

February 2013:
Today, when I arrived home from work, I popped into my bathroom to throw some water on my face and "freshen up" after a long day. After splashing my face, I reached for my towel and then, out of habit, I looked straight ahead at my reflection in my mirror. Only today, my reflection was framed by a paper heart.

Evidently, after I had left for work this morning, my husband had cut a heart out of a piece of paper. Then, he strategically placed the original paper - minus the heart - on my mirror in the hope that when I looked at my reflection, I would see my face framed "inside" this heart. As special as this was, it didn't compare to the words he had written on the border of the paper frame. It simply said....."Look How Beautiful".

As I stood there, smiling from my lips all the way down to my heart, I was reminded once again of the "heart game" my husband and I play with each other. I wrote about it back in March 2009 and just had to share it with you again. I hope you don't mind. Our game never grows old and neither does God's love for us. Truly, Jesus is the Lover of our soul.


Yesterday morning,
before I left for work,
I lovingly placed
a small, red plastic heart
in the coffeemaker.

Yes, you read that right.....
the coffeemaker.

I pulled out the container
normally reserved
for the filter and the coffee,
and placed "my heart"
there instead.

As I walked away
from the kitchen
and headed out the door,
I couldn't help but smile
as I thought of the
surprised look
sure to be
on my husband's face
when he made coffee
later that morning.

Before the coffeemaker,
the red heart
had been spotted when,
one evening,
I returned home from work
to find a beautiful flowering potted plant
sitting on our bathroom window sill.
The heart was propped up
against the purple pot,
in plain sight
for all to see.

Before the plant,
the red heart had surprised
my husband one morning
when he bent down
to pick up the newspaper.
Both the heart
and the morning news
were waiting to greet him
on the sidewalk
leading to our home.

Before this,
I had discovered the heart
in the refrigerator,
atop a container of leftovers
I had planned to take
for my lunch that day.

The heart exchange is something
my husband and I do
on a regular basis.
It was never discussed
or planned,
it just happened.

We have been doing it f
or so long,
I'm not sure how
it actually got started,
 but it has yet
to lose it's "magic".

The heart is a symbol
of our love for each other,
and I'm not sure
which is more rewarding -
leaving the heart to be found,
or discovering it!

As I tucked the heart
into the coffeemaker,
I thought about God
and the beautiful and faithful way
He, too,
tucks reminders of His love
into each of our days.

Sometimes God's love is seen
in the obvious,
like the beautiful flowering plant,
showcasing His love
for all to see.

Other times, however,
His heart may be tucked
into the mundane,
day to day places of our lives
like the refrigerator
or the coffeemaker.

In every situation,
and in every place,
God's love is waiting to be discovered.

In a beautiful sunrise.
In a baby's laugh.
In a promotion.
In a good meal.

These are the obvious places.

God's love is also found
in the not so obvious.

In the dark of night.
In the tears of suffering.
In failure.
In times of desperation.

In the refrigerator times of life,
when all seems cold,
and we are shaking with fear,
God's love is there.

In the coffeemaker times of life,
when the stress and demands
of day to day living
cause us to percolate
and steep in the heat
of the battle,
God's love is there.

God's love is even waiting for us
when we receive news
that leaves us
uncertain of the future.

If we just look,
we will see His heart.

Last night,
with a wink and a smile,
my husband informed me
his morning coffee
was the best
he had ever had.

That was my intention,
to sweeten his day
with a reminder
of my love for him.

keep your eyes open
for reminders of
God's love for you,
 and this day
just might turn out to be
the best today
you've ever had!~♥

Missing my husband every day, 
but oh so much today. 
 Giving thanks, always, 
for a love as precious 
as that of my husband, 
but more importantly, 
a love as precious 
as that of my Heavenly Father.
To have received love from both - 
I am so blessed.


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