Monday, February 11, 2019

Captivated~ (Part 1)

Have you ever been captivated?

Maybe that question leaves you
scratching your head
and gazing upward in contemplation.

Maybe you answered immediately
with a flat out-loud "NO".

Maybe...just maybe...
you aren't sure how to answer
because you aren't completely sure
what it means to be captivated?

I didn't know what it meant -
not until, that is . . .
I was captivated by God's love.


You've got to be kidding me! 
You're joking, right?

But, he wasn't.

Instead of watching a movie
or the latest sitcom,
my boyfriend
(who thankfully became my Mr.)
wanted to watch sermons
and tune in to Christian TV programs.

Instead of "hanging out"
on a Wednesday night,
my honey wanted to go
to a prayer meeting.

Instead of jamming
to the "Top 10" on the radio,
my sweetheart was filling his
home, car, heart and mind
with lyrics that focused
our attention on God.

Instead of just simply
sitting around talking,
my love
wanted to talk
about His love,
as together we opened the
pages of  God's Word,
and read,
              and read
                          and read.

We both called ourselves "Christians",
but this man....
this man was seriously "in love" with God.

I went to church
because it was expected of me. 

And, on occasion,
I did read my Bible,
but quite honestly,
it never made any sense to me. 

And listening to sermons on TV,
well, that just didn't appeal to me. 

I was a "one-day-a-week" Christian. 

come to think of it,
I wasn't even that.

I was a fraud.
Christian in name only.

In love with God,
not me.

But seeing it lived out
in the life of my
soon to be husband
created a hunger and thirst in me.

I wanted what he had.

I wanted to want God.

I desired to desire God.

I yearned to yearn for God.

And even though I didn't know it at the time,
this wanting,
this desiring,
this yearning,
was the beginning
of my own love story
with God.

When you come looking for me, 
you'll find me. 
"Yes, when you get serious 
about finding me 
and want it more 
than anything else, 
I'll make sure 
you won't be disappointed."
~Jeremiah 29:13, The Message

I didn't know it then,
but my heart,
my heart was already becoming ........
captivated by God's love.


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