Tuesday, February 5, 2019

A God-Given Invitation~

Have you ever read something
and knew instantly
God had placed it in front of you
for a distinct purpose?

Several years ago,
God led me to this quote.

“If the size
of the vision for your life
isn’t intimidating to you,
chances are
it’s insulting to God.”
~Steven Furtick

The moment I read it
I knew God was speaking to me.

More specifically,
I knew God was speaking to me
about the vision for my life:

I love to meet the Lord at my computer.

As I place my hands
on the keyboard,
He is faithful
to place his message
in my heart.

As I move my fingers
to the beat of His heart,
words begin to appear,
sentences begin to form.

In moments of sweet communion,
we weave together His story
of love and forgiveness,
hope and encouragement,
redemption and restoration.

There is no doubt about it.
I love to write.
But, for some odd reason,
thinking of myself as a writer is very....
what is the word?


In fact,
when I think of myself
as a "real" writer,
intimidating almost isn't a big enough word
to describe all the emotions I feel.


Usually when we think
of this word,
we associate it with
something that instills fear.
I think it is interesting to note, however,
this word means so much more
than just us shaking in our boots.

Dictionary.com defines it this way:
to discourage, restrain, 
or silence illegally or unscrupulously

I don't know about
illegally or unscrupulously,
but I know all too well
about intimidation being
discouraging, restraining and worst of all,

I also know,
if I allow it to,
intimidation can steal my dream
and cloud my vision.

But that morning,
as I sat in my pajamas,
the light of the new day
just beginning to spill into
our living room,
I realized in this quote,
the Lord was giving me an invitation.

God was inviting me 
to dare to live out the dream 
He himself 
had placed in my heart.

Before I was ever formed
in my mother's womb,
God knew me.
It was God who
molded me and formed me.
It was also God who
planted the "I want to be writer" seeds
in my heart.

This passion,
this longing of my heart,
is not incidental. 

It is my invitation.

It is not meant to be intimidating,
it is meant to be invigorating.

And, it is -
when I let God
write through me.

In fact,
when God chooses to use me
to speak His words
of hope, encouragement and love,
invigorating almost isn't a big enough word
to handle all the emotions I feel.

Intimidation comes
when I forget
the words of the Lord
found in Zechariah 4:6:
Not by might, 
nor by power, 
but by my spirit, 
saith the LORD of hosts.

Remember the rest of the Steven Furtick quote?

"...chances are it’s insulting to God.”

The plans God has for my life
(and yours, by the way)
are far grander
and more amazing
than I could ever
think or imagine.

And, by myself,
they are unreachable.
Yet, when I partner with
the creator of my heart
to fulfill the desires of my heart,
they not only become obtainable,
they become the very thing
that brings life to my life.

That's the way God made it.

That's the way God made me.

He made me to be a writer;
a teacher of His Word
through the written word.

The intimidation is simply a reminder 
to never step out into my dream 
without my Dream Giver. 

It is also a reminder
to not take this gift lightly.
God has placed within me
a treasure,
His treasure,
and it is my responsibility
to utilize this treasure
so His excellency can shine forth
from this earthen vessel. (2 Corinthians 4:7)

Now, I ask you.

What is your vision for your life?

Is it intimidating to you?

If so, no worries.

Your intimidation just may turn out to be the invitation of a lifetime.


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  1. It was only a few days ago when I came across your Facebook account and it has been a great inspiration since. It seems like God is speaking to me through you. Thank you very much from half a world away - Asia.


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