Sunday, January 27, 2019

Fully Satisfied~

Once upon a time,
as I was paying the cashier
for the gas
I had just pumped
into my car,
I was approached
by a young man
in his early twenties.

"Excuse me, Ma'am.
Is that your 
little green Honda?" he asked.

Not sure who he was
or why he was interested
in my little green Honda,
I apprehensively answered, "Yes."

"Did you just fill up
at that pump?" he asked next.

"Yes, I used that pump,
although I didn't fill up.
I only purchased about eight gallons.
Why do you ask?"

"Well, I used that
very same pump
right before you
and I DID fill up.
It cost me over $50.00!

But, when I drove away,         
nothing registered
on my gas gauge.
It doesn't show
that I purchased
Running on Empty.
{Photo Credit}

any gas at all.
I think something
is wrong with that pump.

While I talk to the cashier,
would you mind
checking your gas gauge
to see if you got the gas
you just paid for?"

It seemed like an odd request,
but I nodded my head "yes"
and headed outside to my car.
I put the key in the ignition
and anxiously watched
my gas gauge.

Slowly but surely,
the needle moved away
from the "E"
as it made it's way
closer and closer to the "F".

Unlike the gauge
in this young man's truck,
my gauge showed
I had gotten exactly
what I had paid for,
about half a tank of gas.

Looking up from the gauge,
I saw the young man
walking toward my car.

"So . . . ,
did your gauge move
or is it still sitting
at the same spot
as when you drove in?"

"The pump seems
to be working fine," I answered.
"My gauge is showing
I have about half a tank,
and that's the amount
I put in.
Maybe something is wrong
with the gas gauge
in your truck."

"Maybe," he replied.
"Although, I don't see
how the problem
could be on my end.
I just bought this truck!
It's practically brand new!
I'm pretty sure the problem
is with this pump."

And with that,
disgruntled and upset,
he turned and walked away.

Satisfied with my purchase,
I pulled out of the station
and went on my way.

Later that evening,
as I was reflecting upon
the events of the day,
I thought about the incident
at the gas station.

Both the young man and I
had went to the station
for the same reason.
We had parked in the same place,
used the same equipment,
talked to the same attendant.

Yet, only one of us
left there satisfied.

the same is often true of us.

Trucking through the
day to day journey of life,
we look at our "heart gauge"
and suddenly realize
our hearts are on "E".

Knowing we are in
desperate need of
a fill up,
we head to church,
or read our Bible,
or spend time in prayer.

Some walk away from this
"fill up with God"
full and satisfied,
others are left feeling empty.


Like the young man
at the station,
we often fall victim
to a faulty gauge.

Stop and think about it
for a minute.

What do you use
to gauge Christ's presence
in your own life?

Is it your emotions? 

As humans who are
emotionally wired,
this is often the instrument
we rely on.

Yet, probably nothing
is more unreliable or fickle
than our feelings!

When I entered
the gas station that day,
I had no reason to believe
I would leave there
still on "E".

Why then,
when I enter into
the presence of the living God,
the Creator of the Universe
and the Lover of my Soul,
should I believe
I will walk away
with anything less
than what my heart
needs and desires the most?

God promises those who
hunger and thirst for righteousness
will be filled.

Regardless of what
my emotions
may be telling me,
I must believe God
has filled me to overflowing
with His love, forgiveness,
wisdom and grace.

I must believe
I have been strengthened
in my inner man
to once again
run the race
set before me.

I must believe
God is at work
in me and through me.

I must believe
I have received
what I came for!

God is more than able 
and more than willing 
to dispense His power
and His blessings 
in to our empty hearts.

We simply need
to approach His throne of grace,
open our heart before Him,
and allow Him
to fill us up.

Are you in need
of a fill up?

Why not head
straight to the
King of Kings
and Lord of Lords?

Believe God
will be faithful
to meet your needs,
then head back
onto the highway of life,
happy and fully satisfied
in Him.


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