Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Even At the Door~

One of the perks of having a husband
was having my very own
small game hunter.

At least that's the way
I liked to refer to the 
man of my house.

Anytime an eight-legged creature
or otherwise unwelcome quest
was spotted,
my husband was beckoned
and voilá!
Bug be gone!

It was like having 
my very own personal exterminator.
The only problem was
my man wasn't always home
when one of these small beasts
decided to pay us a visit.

Such was the case
when I first wrote this post:

With my husband
out of the house
for a few hours,
I decided to take advantage
of my time alone
to do some household chores,
one of which was laundry.
With a basket full of clothes
tucked under my arm,
I made my way to our garage
where our washer and dryer are located.

After starting the load,
I headed back toward the door
leading from the garage
into our home.
As I reached for the doorknob,
I just happened to look up.
on the ceiling
looking down at me
was a scorpion.

As our eyes met,
I knew there was only
one thing
to do.

 I darted into the house
as fast as I could,
quickly closing the door
behind me.
I calmly and casually
strolled into the living room
acting as though
this brief encounter
had never happened.

Try and I may, though,
I couldn't erase the image
of the scorpion
from my mind.

I knew it was out there. 

I had seen it
and all the pretending
in the world
wasn't going to change that.

I also knew this fella had legs.

It wasn't going to be content
to simply hang out
on the ceiling
of our garage.
Before long,
it would decide
to venture indoors.

Like it or not,
I knew I had to kill it
before it had a chance
to crawl under the door
and make itself at home
in our home.

Mustering up all the courage
I could find,
I headed back out
to the garage.
I picked up my husband's
weapon of choice,
a long 2x4 piece of wood,
and proceeded to do some
small game hunting
of my own.

After numerous shrieks
(from me, not the scorpion),
this would be home invader
soon fell lifeless
to the floor.

Mission accomplished.

As I made my way
through the doorway
and back into our home,
I was reminded of the words
found in Genesis 4:7,
"sin lieth at the door."

Remember the story?

God had asked for
an animal sacrifice,
but Cain,
a tiller of the ground,
had instead offered the Lord
a sacrifice of
fruits and vegetable.

When God didn't accept
Cain's offering,
Cain became angry.

God knew if Cain
did not squelch this anger
before it had time
to consume his heart,
sin would soon follow.

Cain walked away
from God's counsel.
It didn't take long
for his anger
to take over his thoughts
and subsequently, his actions.

In the very next verse,
in fact,
we read the sad details.
Cain lured his brother,
out into a field
and killed him.

All too often,
instead of eradicating
the sin in our life
once and for all,
we foolishly allow it
to remain at the threshold.

we pretend
it doesn't exist.
We go on about our life
as though there is nothing
to be concerned about.

Oftentimes, however,
we do acknowledge it,
but in our arrogance,
we proudly parade around it
as though we are invincible
and the sin incapable 
of penetrating the walls
of our heart.

Like Cain,
when we willfully allow sin
to take root in our heart,
the following verses
of our own life
will eventually reveal
the sad details.

Sin comes packaged with consequences.

As the sin
plays itself out
in our life,
we, too,
may discover our actions
have "killed" something very dear
to our own heart.

Maybe it is our reputation
that received
the deadly blow.
Perhaps it is our marriage
that is now lifeless and dead.
Possibly it may even be
our very will to live
that is found gasping
for its next breath.

With a 2x4 in my hand,
the scorpion in my garage
didn't stand a chance.
neither do you and I
when it comes to sin.
In our own power,
we are completely incapable
of battling this invader
of our heart.

How we need a savior.

Have you checked the doorway 
to your heart lately?

Is there a sin
lying in wait
for an opportune time
to make its way
into your life?

If so,
don't wait
another minute.

Call upon your Heavenly Father. 

When we confess our sins to God,
He is ever faithful
to come to our rescue.

His weapon of choice
has always been
the blood of His precious son, Jesus,
shed for you and me
on the cross of Calvary.

As we confess
and then repent,
God covers our sin
with the precious blood of Jesus,
giving us
the ultimate victory.

With hands held high
in praise and thanksgiving
to our God,
we can once
and for all
boldly declare,
"Mission accomplished!"


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