Monday, January 28, 2019

A Divine Appointment~

It was late.
I was tired.
My husband and I
both hungry.

As I drove out of the parking lot,
I phoned my husband
to tell him
I would soon be home.

As we discussed dinner plans,
it was decided "take out"
was our best option
and me,
the best one to pick it up,
since I was already out.

I soon found myself
at a local sandwich shop.

After placing our order,
I took a nearby seat
and began the process
of waiting.
All I could think of
was getting home,
and going to bed.

My thoughts
were soon interrupted
by the voice
of an irate customer.
Her complaints were so trivial.
Obviously, her tirade
was more about
drawing attention to herself
than to her order.

The young lady assisting her,

Through all the verbal abuse,
unreasonable complaints
and ridiculous demands
placed on her
by this customer,
her countenance never changed.
Her smile remained
and her voice was calm
and remarkably pleasant.

As I sat there
witnessing this scene,
I felt impressed by God
to commend this young lady
for her professionalism.
As soon as my number was called
and my order ready,
I would approach her
at the counter
and pass along words
of much deserved praise
and recognition.

Impressed by the behavior
of this young lady,
my eyes continued to follow her
as she worked.
After completing an order,
she headed to the phone
and began to call someone.

I couldn't help overhearing
her conversation.

Evidently, no one had shown up
to babysit her young children
and they were home alone.
It was quite obvious
she had made several earlier calls,
just like this one,
in hopes of locating someone
to watch over her little ones
until her shift ended
and she could return home.

From the look on her face,
this phone call
only brought with it another
"No, I'm sorry I can't"
along with mounting fear
for her children.

As she hung up,
she sat in a chair,
rubbing her forehead
with one hand
while wiping tears
with her other.

My number was called
and I approached the counter
to pick up our order.

I had been waiting
for this moment
to speak with her,
but now,
now she was sitting
in the back portion
of the kitchen.

Silently I prayed the Lord
would give me the opportunity.

She looked up
and surprisingly,
I was able to catch her eye
with the wave of my hand.

She smiled
and made her way
to the counter.

"Yes? How can I help you?
Is there something wrong
with your order?" she asked,
trying to hide
the fear in her heart
and the tears in her eyes.

"No." I replied.
"I just couldn't
leave here tonight
without telling you
how much
I appreciate the professional
and kind manner
in which you dealt
with that difficult customer.

I know it wasn't easy,
but God provided you
with the inner strength
you needed.
He is always
right here with you,
and just like
He gave you the strength
to deal with that woman,
He will give you the strength
to deal with whatever
may be happening in your life
right at this very moment.

He cares for you
and He will be faithful
to provide you
with all you need.
I will be praying for you."

She smiled,
thanked me,
and handed me my order.

I walked in the direction
of the door
and she returned
to her work.

As I reached my car,
I bowed my head in prayer.

As I had witnessed
in disgust,
the behavior of
the self-absorbed customer,
God had opened my eyes
to see my own selfishness
reflected through her actions.
How my "I"-rate behavior
must disgust my Heavenly Father!
Lord, forgive me~

As I had experienced
the beauty
of the young lady serving,
I had seen my own need
for more of Christ
in my heart and life.
Lord, live in and through me~

As I had glimpsed
the deeply hidden anguish
in this young woman's life,
I had been reminded
to speak with grace,
to always be kind
and to treat others more gently,
for we never know
what they may be facing
in their lives.
Lord, teach me to love~

As I was granted
the privilege and honor
to speak words
of affirmation and encouragement
to this hurting heart,
I was convicted
to seek out and take advantage
of every door of opportunity
given to me
to share words
of hope, love and truth
with those around me.
Lord, use me to speak your words to others~

As I drove home,
I realized I was no longer
feeling upset, tired and fatigued.

Instead, I felt refreshed!

I prayed the young lady
at the sandwich shop
felt a little more refreshed, too.


I wrote this post
back in February 2009,
when I first began my blog.
Today, God placed it on my heart
to share it once again.

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