Tuesday, December 25, 2018

The Messiah Has Come~

we live as though the Messiah
has not yet come,
as though we are still waiting
for our Deliverer -
the one who will free us
from the wretchedness
that is me,
that is you.

We allow guilt and shame
to keep us at bay,
to become a wall of separation,
to be an endless weight from which
we are never free.

The Messiah has come. 

Jesus, the Christ, was born.
Our long awaited for Deliverer
left the splendor of Heaven
and brought to the wretchedness
that is me, that is you,
deliverance through His death on the cross.

The veil has been torn from top to bottom.

We no longer need to
walk in the darkness of our sin.

We no longer need to
carry the weight of our sin.

We no longer need to
be identified by our sin.

The Messiah,
The Lamb of God,
has come.

Now, we
who believe
are clothed in His righteousness.

Now, we
who were once
separated from God
have complete access to His throne.

Now, we
who had no hope
of escaping the penalty for our sins
have been
made whole,
set free,

Our Messiah has come.

May we live each and every day
in this truth.



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