Thursday, December 27, 2018

Piecing It All Together~

They sit across from me
at the kitchen table,
my brother-in-law
and my precious little
three year old nephew.

As they open the new puzzle box,
a Christmas gift,
my little nephew is beaming with
joy and anticipation.

"Ok, son.
These are rhyming,
so to make a puzzle match,
the two items have to rhyme."

As little blue eyes look on,
my brother-in-law 
sorts through the pieces
all tucked neatly in this box 
and pulls out some examples.

"See, like this.
Hat goes with cat.
And, look -
mitten and kitten,
and star and car."

My nephew,
not at all sure about rhyming,
sits and watches,
as one by one
his dad 
finds the two that match
and joins them together.

From my view,
across the table,
it all makes perfect sense,
until this:

"And here's another one, Son:
Night and light.
See how they go together?"

Night and light?

And, in this moment,
as He is always faithful to do,
God speaks a precious truth
to my heart.

"For My thoughts are not your thoughts,
Nor are your ways My ways," says the Lord.
"For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
So are My ways higher than your ways,
And My thoughts than your thoughts."
~Isaiah 55:8-9

So often we look
at the pieces of our life,
trying our hardest to understand
how they all somehow 
fit together.

Admittedly, some "matches"
are easier than others.
Some things,
just naturally seem 
to fit together,
to make perfect sense,
to be understood.

But - then,
then there are those times,
when we find ourselves
looking at two pieces
that don't seem to match at all.

Like night and light,
they seem to be complete opposites:

Loving our enemies.

Finding joy in the midst of sorrow.

Having faith in the face of fear.

Losing our life that we might gain it.

We shake our head
and wonder,
how could these two
possibly go together?

And just like my little nephew
(and me, too)
trying to understand how
some things that don't seem to match
surprisingly do,
we have to intentionally stop
and focus on
how the pieces of our life
are being "classified".

Only when rhyming
hat and cat,
mitten and kitten,
star and car
and night and light
come together to form 
a perfect match.

And only when
trusting the heart of 
our Heavenly Father
and His promise to
work all things for good
and His glory,
the jagged-edged pieces
of our own life,
begin to come together -
and in the end,
the whole picture.

"See how this new puzzle works, Son?"

My precious little nephew
sits for just a moment more,
then hops down from his chair,
and heads off back into the living room.

"Ok - well, maybe another day.
These new puzzle pieces are
a little harder to understand."

And in my heart,
as I think back over my life,
and the pieces then,
and even now,
that have seemed out of place,
I can almost hear 
my Heavenly Father
speaking to me.

"See how this all works together now, sweet girl?"

And just like my nephew,
in times past,
when faced with the challenge
of trying to make sense of it all -
I, too, have hopped down 
from this new way of 
viewing my life
and tried to head back into the
comfortable, more familiar,
"Oh, I get it, God!" places.

But for some reason,
this time,
this time is different.

And instead of walking away,
I find myself drawn into
the mystery that is God,
whose ways are far beyond mine.

This time I marvel
at our God who can take
the seemingly opposite pieces
and mold them together
in a way that fits perfectly
into His bigger picture,
His bigger plan.

I may not understand
how all these pieces fit together,
but He does,
and for now,
that is enough.


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