Friday, December 14, 2018

On Vacuuming, Basketballs, and the Collisions of Life

Vacuuming the living room, 
I accidentally 
bumped the basket
housing all of my husband's 
sports equipment. 

As soon as the basket 
and the vacuum collided, 
a basketball 
came rolling out of the basket 
and across the floor. 

And right then and there, 
God spoke 
a powerful truth 
to my heart.

As we go through life, 

no doubt, 
you and I 
are going to experience 
the jar of life. 

It's inevitable, isn't it? 

And yet, 
these very collisions, 
these very unexpected "meetings"
that often leave us 
feeling knocked around 
and misplaced, 
are the very things 
God can use 
to reposition us 
and "set us free" 
to fulfill our God-given destiny.

A basketball wasn't created 

to sit 
in a basket. 
It was created 
to roll, bounce, and move. 

You and I weren't created 
to sit 
in the basket of life, 

God created us 
to LIVE, 
and move, 
and experience life 
in and though Him.

For in him we live, 
and move and have our being. 
~Acts 17:28


look at your life
from a spiritual vantage point.

Stop and survey 
your life
from a place
(possibly on your knees
in prayer)
that allows you 
to see 
the overall picture. 

Could it be 
the very thing, 
the very one,
the very circumstance 
that is threatening 
to rock your world, 
is the very thing 
Jesus can and will use 
to reposition you, 
to place you 
where you need to be, 
to set you free?

Just a thought 

that came to me 
while vacuuming . . . ~♥


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