Friday, October 9, 2020

When You Know You Are Held~

Raw, transparent, and vulnerable -
do you suppose any of us
like to find our character
clothed only in authenticity?

This girl certainly doesn't,
and yet,
I know that I know that I know
it is this that God has called me to -
in my relationships,
in my walk with Him,
and in this space,
where words reveal to you
a whole lot more than I wish they would.

if a revelation of this
sinful, messy, real, authentic heart
is what God can use for you to
better see His heart authentically,
then raw, transparent and vulnerable it is.

Which brings me to today's post
and this admission:

Lately I've been feeling
more apart
(a million broken pieces
scattered everywhere
and in every direction)
than I've been feeling together.

Can you relate?

A little of me here,
a little of me there.
A little attention to this,
a little attention to that.
A little working on this,
a little working on that.

And naturally,
it only stands to reason,
if you don't have it 
all together,
it makes you feel
like you're falling apart, right?

And yet,
God has been showing me,
feeling and being
are two totally different realities.

Life has a way
of pulling us
in a million different directions -
dead ends.

And yet,
if we are rooted and grounded
in Christ,
we may 
give in to this tug or
give way to that push,
but we are held together
in and through Him.

We may feel like
we are just a 
jumbled up,
disconnected mess -
but the one who
holds the moon
and holds back the waves
is holding us.

And His hold on us,
holds us together.

Never let a feeling
convince you
you are something
you are not.

Never let a feeling
talk you out of a truth.

The world can
pull and tug 
all it wants,
(and it will)
but the hold our God
has on us
keeps us together in Him
even in the midst
of the most broken of places.

Our coming undone,
our falling apart,
our not having it all together -
this is simply part of being human:
a human desperately in need of a God
who holds us in the palm of His hand.

Feeling anything but together lately?
Me, too.
Praise God, it's only a feeling.
We've got this,
because we've got God.

And most importantly,
God has us,
and He's never letting go.

For in Him 
we live and move
and have our being.
~Acts 17:28

~ Stacy


  1. A beautiful and timely reminder.
    Thank you!!
    God bless you.

  2. This so describes me—and many others I bet—as I strive to live the “Christ-in-me” life in this crazy world. Your honest and transparent words encourage me; but, even more important, your reminders of God’s sovereignty and every-moment presence with me strengthen me in Him. Thank you for letting Him use you in my life, in many lives. God bless you. ��


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