Sunday, February 4, 2018

Given With Me In Mind~

Our rosemary bush was in full bloom
sporting the prettiest blue flowers.

"You should try and get a picture of that,"
my husband suggested as he came out on the patio to check on me.

"Isn't it beautiful? I replied.

He smiled, nodded, asked if I needed anything
and then headed back inside.

Imagine my delight,
when just a few moments later,
a bird came and lighted on a twig
right next to the rosemary bush.

It was a photo waiting to happen.

As I snapped the photo -
(well, several photos
just to be sure I got a good one)
God spoke the words
"Be still and know that I am God"
on my heart.

I couldn't wait to put the two together
and surprise my man.

I didn't get a chance to start on this creation, however,
until a few weeks later -
late in the evening of Feb 3, 2016 to be exact.

"I'm going to bed, Beautiful. It's getting late.
And, you should, too. You need your sleep, Baby.
You can finish whatever you're working on tomorrow."

"I'm almost through.  It'll just take a few minutes more."

My man went on to bed
and I stayed up finishing his surprise.

The next day the hurry of morning rush
found me racing out into a brand new day.
And, later that very afternoon,
a phone call from my man
found me racing home to be with him,
only to find I was too late.

Just like that, he was gone.

He never got to see the picture
I was making just for him,
this very one,
the special surprise I was working on
two years ago tonight.

And yet, sitting here tonight,
I can't help wondering
if this photo was somehow intended
for me instead.

"Be still and know that I am God."

For in the stillness
that has become my life
these last two years,
I have come to know God
as never before,
and to know without a shadow of a doubt
He is God.

And, in it all,
I realize just how beautifully faithful He is.
And, how equally blessed I am.

To have known the love of my husband.
To know and be knowing still
the love of my God.

I am so very blessed.


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  2. Thank you for your openness and honesty Stacy. Please keep writing :)


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