Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Changing of the Seasons~

I wrote this post for Incourage
only a few short months
before losing my Handsome Honey.

As I typed the final period,
I asked my man
to come into the bedroom
so I could read it to him.

"Did you get it, Beautiful?"

"I don't know," I said.
"I'm not sure if I should submit it.
What if they don't like it?"

"Then, they won't choose it," he answered back,
"But, if they do
and it's God's will,
it will happen.
And hey,
you miss 100% of the shots
you don't take."

I wasn't surprised
he threw in that famous quote.
It wasn't the first time
he had tossed it in my direction.

"Let me hear it."

I don't know why, -
maybe because he wasn't a computer guy,
or maybe because I never asked him to,
but, he had seldom read any of my writing.

When I finished reading the post to him,
he just stood there for a bit.
Then, clearing his throat and wiping a tear,
he said, "That's good. Really good.
These words God gave you
can bless someone.
Send it in."

Last night,
(well, actually, I guess 12:08 AM would be morning)
as it came up in my "On This Day" Facebook memories -
a reminder that I had shared it
on my personal Facebook page
the day it was posted on the Incourage website -
I sat alone in my mom's kitchen,
missing my man
with a missing
that can take your breath away,
re-reading these words once again
and remembering that night
two years ago.

And, as usual,
my man was right:
- I would have missed this shot
if I wouldn't have taken it
these words God gave me
did bless someone, -
last night.

(You can read the post I submitted and had accepted HERE.)

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  1. You always bless me, Stacy, with every post you put in. You know how to touch the deep places of our hearts in the losses we've experienced. Your man was so right!


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