Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Dance~

Yesterday, after accompanying my mother
to her eye doctor appointment
in a nearby town,
I was able to spend a few short moments
strolling the bank of the river
that runs through this quaint mountain community.

As I breathed in the crisp, damp air
and tried to soak in every bit
of the breathtaking display of Fall color,
I found myself dancing with a beautiful crane.

I first spotted it on a rock
in the middle of the river.
As I strolled along the bank,
peering through trees and leaves of gold
trying to get closer,
I lost sight of it.

retracing my steps
back to my original viewing spot,
there it was,
still on the rock.

As I moved closer once again, -
this time,
it took to the air -
but, only high enough to soar over the water
in a way that was pure beauty in motion.

And, it was then,
I found myself dancing with it -
moving this way
and then that way
just to catch a glimpse.

And, it was as if
in this brief moment of time,
we were both caught up in
praise to our Lord.

A dance of celebration for
the beauty of Fall,
the beauty of sight,
the beauty of life,
the very beauty of being alive.

And, I was -
truly alive!

Then, as quickly as this creature
had taken to the air,
it rested on a rock right by me.

It was only after the dance
that I was able to capture this photo -
a beautiful memento
of so much more
than just a bird,
but rather a beautiful moment
of praise to our God.

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