Sunday, October 1, 2017

Listen Hard~

If you haven't been,
if you aren't already -
listen hard to the words of
your father and your mother,
your sister and your brother,
your son and your daughter,
a grandparent or a friend,
your husband or your wife.

Listen hard to what they say
and what they don't say.
And then, as best you can,
tuck each treasured word
and each shared conversation
into your heart.

For there will be days up ahead
when you will need these very words
to come alongside and help you
answer a problem,
understand a reaction,
solicit a response,
recognize a need,
provide an opinion,
determine a decision,
or simply strengthen your resolve.

For it is in listening,
we understand.

And it is in understanding,
we connect.

And it is in connecting,
we respond.

And it is in responding,
we act.

And it is in acting,
we are able to
transform a situation,
touch a heart,
change a life.

It starts with listening hard
to those around us.

Then, listening hard to our God
speaking to us
about those around us.

for God to
transform our situation,
touch our heart,
change our life,
we simply and earnestly
and diligently and obediently
meed to listen hard to our God
speaking to us about us.

It all starts
with us choosing
to listen hard.

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