Monday, June 26, 2017

Tucked in With the Thorns~

God's blessings come packaged in ways
that cause us to question His heart
or wonder what good
could possibly be hidden inside.

And yet,
if we trust our Father
and receive of His gift,
we discover the treasure inside
is beyond anything
we could ever have hoped or imagined
it to be.

God is all knowing,
all loving,
all the time.

disappointments -
not gifts we would welcome into our life,
but gifts, none the less.

As we unwrap these gifts,
we unwrap the heart of God.

We discover anew
His faithfulness.

We experience deeper
His joy -
a joy that remains in spite of.

We build a faith that
is able to thank God
in the midst of
for the good that is sure to come.

Rest assured,
our Heavenly Father always blesses us
with that which matters most.

We just need to be willing
to open our hands
and receive His gift.

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