Wednesday, May 31, 2017

When God Pays It Forward~

Some of the deepest wounds we encounter
are not from our enemies.

We can handle "enemy" blows
because we are
on our guard,
expecting nothing less.

After all,
they ARE our enemies.

The wounds our enemies inflict
might slow us down,
might set us back,
might mess up our plans
and mess with our emotions for a while,
but the emotional depth of the wound,
superficial at best.

the deepest wounds we encounter
come from the people who
and the places where
we expect it least.

Those who share the same color jersey.
Those who share the same company name on their paycheck.
Those who share the same pew.
Those who share the same address.
Those who share the same name and blood.

Wounds from those who supposedly have our back
leave us flat on our back.

Wounds from those who are supposedly our "support system"
reach all the way
to the marrow of our bones.

The recovery time and healing
for these kind of wounds -
days, months, often years long.

In our hurt and humanness,
we wonder why God would let this happen?
After all,
if He would have chosen to
He could have chosen
for things to work out differently.

Which in turn,
if we allow the Spirit to guide
our thoughts,
our recovery,
our healing,
will inevitably bring us
to Jesus,
to His suffering,
to the cross of Calvary,
and to this:

Why would God let this happen?
After all,
if He would have chosen to
He could have chosen
for things to work out differently.

Jesus came to save His people.
Every single person who ever lived
was created in His image.
We aren't the "enemy",
we are family.

And yet,
from His own people,
He received the deepest wound.

Betrayed by a kiss from Judas
who was in His "inner circle".

Pierced in the hands and feet
by you and me and
our sinful nature,
our selfish choices,
our pride and self-reliance.

And yet,
through this "deadly blow"
Satan was defeated
and God was glorified.

And, you and me -
we were redeemed.

Because what we often fail to remember
and what we are quick to forget is this:
Jesus is the redeemer.

No matter the wound,
our God can heal it,
and not only that,
our God can redeem it.

No matter the wound,
our God can use it for a Kingdom purpose.

We can focus on what's been done to us -
replaying it over and over and over again
in our thoughts,
in our words,
in our actions
we can focus on what God will do for us
and for others
through it,
in spite of it,
because of it.

So often,
when we have been wounded so deeply,
we yearn for justice to be done,
for revenge to have its way.

But honestly,
when we fully grasp
the redeeming power of redemption,
why would we want to settle for anything less
than God using our "worst wound"
for His absolute best?

Our healing is not found in
praying for God to "payback"
those who have hurt us.

Our healing is found in
releasing our wound to God -
through the power of forgiveness -
and praying for God
to redeem it,
and pay it forward
in ways that only He,
our precious Redeemer,

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  1. No one can escape the hurts inflicted on us by our friends & family, but prayer for them helps us all grow.


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