Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Message in the Message~

I am finally beginning to understand why,
up to this point in my life at least,
God has always chosen to speak to me
in "inaudible" ways.

If He were to speak
in an audible voice,
I would no doubt hear.
But, I wonder -
would I listen as intently and as intentionally
as I do
when His Spirit is speaking
in unknown and unheard utterances in my spirit?

When His Spirit starts speaking
in a way that only my spiritual nature can understand,
it's not a message that is
easily heard,
instantly communicated,
clear and concise.

It is instead a message that -
like our God,
is multifaceted, multi-layered.

It is
a stirring,
a pondering,
a reflecting and refining,
a questioning and seeking,
a dissecting and digesting.

It is a leaning into His Spirit with my spirit
that requires stillness and prayer.
It is a hearing that requires my listening to be done
intently and intentionally.

It is
a process,
a progression,
with revelation coming bit by bit,
until one final revelation
brings all the pieces together.

And, it changes me.

For months, God has been speaking to me.
For months, I have been doing my spiritual best
to hear and understand.

And then,
God placed these words from this quote in front of me:

God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede.
~Oswald Chambers

In the time that it took to read these words,
God brought all that He and I had been
delving into together
over the past several months,
full circle,
to a complete understanding in my heart.

Just like that - I knew.

This knowing brought instant clarification.
And, this knowing brought instant confession.

Because you see,
not one, but over two years ago,
God gave me clear, unmistakable, not to be overlooked discernment.
I  saw.
I heard.
I felt.
I noticed.
I knew.

But, (and I am so shamed to admit)
I didn't intercede.

I. didn't. intercede.
(You have no idea how hard it is to type those words.)

How would things have played out differently,
if -
years ago when I discerned what God showed me -
I would have dropped to my knees in intercession?

What would be the results now,
if all the days then,
I would have been praying?

And this;
How it must have grieved the Father's heart
to have placed such a grave need in my heart
through His gift of discernment
only to have me respond to this need
in every way except prayer.

Yes, just like that - I knew.
This multifaceted, multi-layered message
that unfolded bit by bit,
layer by layer
over several months,
was unequivocally this:

God never gives us discernment in order that we may criticize, but that we may intercede.

And while the depth of this understanding
and the reality of all it encompasses
is too intricate (and private) to ever explain here,
the axis of the message God revealed to me
has to be shared.

Spiritual discernment is not given
so that we might pass judgment.
so that we might criticize,
so that we might even "know".

Spiritual discernment is given
so that we might intercede.

God calls you and I to be people of prayer.

How might things in our lives
play out differently if -
when we discern something -
we instantly drop to our knees?

How might things start to change
if you and I would start to pray?

"God, why did this happen?
You knew what was going on in this situation.
You even showed it to me, Lord?
Why are things such a mess?
Why didn't things work out differently?"

"They could have, my Child.
But, you didn't pray and intercede."


  1. God bless you for the gift He has given you in writing. This is so true. I've been blest recently as I have committed to doing prayer & fasting, as I intercede about numerous situations. I stand in awe how the Holy Spirit works things out for His good.


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