Thursday, April 27, 2017

But For the Grace of God~

Yesterday, I read a couple of statements
that have troubled my heart ever since.
So much so that today,
in an attempt to settle this in my heart,
I have taken to processing this the only way I know how -
with my heart open to hear His Spirit
and my hands ready to write my way through to His conclusion.

Satan never attacks those he already has.

That's true. Satan only attacks his enemies.

A fellow Christian, undoubtedly going through a season of trial and hardship, had shared she should be glad in this struggle because . . . Satan never attacks those he already has.

Another Christian agreed with her statement and added . . . That's true. Satan only attacks his enemies.

Upon reading this, my heart stopped in its tracks.
And before I even realized it was happening, tears formed in my eyes.

Like watching a huge flat screen TV in my mind,
I began to see face after face after face after face.

Men, women, children.
Young, old, somewhere in between.
Rich, poor, middle class.
Skin of all color.
The human race.

As each face flashed before me,
I kept hearing the words of John 10:10 -
The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.

To steal.
To kill.
To destroy.

Road rage.
Drug overdoses.
Human trafficking.

Broken homes.
Broken lives.
Broken people.

To think (as a Christian)
when we have a series of hardships come our way,
all hell is breaking loose against us because we are God's,
but isn't against those who are aren't,
well - I just don't even know what to do with that.

And the only conclusion I can come to,
all that my heart can believe
is that those who don't know God
are under attack in the most vilest and viscous of ways.

To try and navigate this life without Jesus -
can you imagine the hell of that?

To not know the peace, comfort, love, strength, hope found in Jesus -
can you imagine the hell of that?

To be ignorant of the devil's devices, to be blind to this thief -
can you imagine the hell of that?

Satan's attack on the Godless is
full throttle,
full blown,
full hell!

To think that we as Christians
somehow have it "worse" than non-believers -
it's just not even possible.

When trials and hardships come our way,
they should only make us more aware of the struggles of the Godless.

When heartache and heartbreak make its way to us,
it should only make us more compassionate to the hurts of those living without Christ.

When we as Christians are battling the devil,
it should only make us keenly aware of the intense struggle of those
who are battling the devil without the knowledge and power of God.

We as Christians fight Satan every day,
but praise God,
we don't do it in our own strength,
and we don't do it without the promise that no weapon formed against us will prosper.

Those without Christ,
don't have a hope to stand on.

Those without Christ,
don't have a strength to rely on.

Those without Christ,
don't have God to run into
and as a result
are perishing under the relentless attack of Satan.

When Satan attacks us
it should propel us deeper and stronger to fight against
the attack of Satan on those he already has.

When Satan attacks us
it should make us fighter harder and longer and relentlessly
to win to God those who have yet to be set free.

There but for the grace of God, go I.

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