Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Reminder in the Wind~

"At least the wind isn't blowing."

If I had a dime
for each and every time
I heard my precious grandma utter these words,
I would be one rich lady.

Every time we visited this sweet momma of my daddy,
she always said,
"It's a pretty nice day today, isn't it? At least the wind isn't blowing."

Unless, of course, the wind was.
Like today.

The wind started early this morning.
As I lowered the kitchen window
just a bit
to keep some of the dust outside and not in,
I was reminded of her words.

And I wondered,
what was it about the wind
that had my Grandma classifying days as "nice" or "not so nice"
simply because of this invisible,
yet unmissable force of nature?

It's possible that a dislike of wind might be hereditary
because I'm not a fan of wind either,
and yet,
when the wind blows,
and I feel the angst of it rise up inside me,
I remind myself it has a purpose.

Here in the desert southwest,
the wind ushers in much needed rain.
Long before a raindrop falls to the ground,
trees bend and sway
as wind announces "rain is on the way."

And, here in the Spring
the wind swirls pollen in the air like confetti.
Seeds that hold the newness of life
ride on its current and find their way to a new beginning.

Unseen, but definitely not unnoticed.
Unexplainable, but definitely not without an explanation.

And maybe, just maybe,
this is the reason -
in the spiritual world,
wind and the Holy Spirit are synonymous.

Here in a spiritually parched world,
the Holy Spirit ushers in much needed latter rains.
Long before a heart responds to His invitation,
situations and circumstances bend and sway
as the Holy Spirit announces "revival is on the way".

And, here in the Spring season of the "new thing" God is doing,
the Holy Spirit hovers over dead places.
Lives that yearn to be born anew, born again,
feel His breath and breathe in

The Holy Spirit.
Unseen, but definitely not unnoticed.
Unexplainable, but definitely not without explanation.

Even though
I can't see the wind blowing today,
I can't deny that it is.

Even though
we can't always see the Holy Spirit moving,
we can't deny that He is.

Unlike the physical force of wind,
that finds me wishing it away much like my Grandma,
I am in love with the spiritual force of His Spirit,
which finds me welcoming it and inviting it in.

while the determination that wind
can either make a bad day good or a good day bad
is a matter of personal opinion and preference,
there is no arguing that the Holy Spirit
is what makes every moment of every day
beyond nice,
beyond good,
beyond anything we could even think or ever hope to imagine!

"At least the wind isn't blowing."

Today, it is.
And, surprisingly, I am more than fine with the fact that it is.

Today it is a physical reminder of a preciously, powerful spiritual presence
in our world,
in my life,
in my very soul.

Today it is a physical reminder of an invisible, yet unmissable spiritual force in my life
that I can't afford to miss,
that I can't ever begin to live without.

Today, the wind is blowing.

May the Holy Spirit always be.

Blow, Holy Spirit, blow.


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