Sunday, January 8, 2017

When We Love Out Loud~

I was so blessed to be able to spend the last three weeks visiting my sister and her family. While together, we celebrated my birthday on December 19, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and cried my way through my husband's birthday on January 5th. Every day with her was precious and so good for my healing heart.

Imagine my surprise,
while visiting my sister,
to hear her doorbell ring,
only to see my sister go to her front porch,
pick up a package
and then bring it to me.

"For me?" I asked.    

She just smiled.

I opened the package and inside was this beautiful cup.

"Thank you, Laura."
I said to my sister.

"Oh, it's not from me, "
she quickly shot back.

Who else could it be from?" I asked.

"Look in the box, " she suggested.
"Maybe there's a note."

And, there was.

It was from a dear friend who has faithfully been walking beside me as I try to find my way through this season of grief and a new life without my husband.

"How did she know your address?" I asked my sister.

"She sent me a message request on Facebook."

Tears filled the corner of my eyes.
To think this friend would go above and beyond to seek out my sister,
to get the address of where I would be for my birthday and Christmas,
and send me a reminder
that she was still thinking about me,
still praying for me,
still walking with me.
I was beyond undone by her kindness.

Fast forward a few days later - same scenario - only this time we were at the group mailboxes in my sister's subdivision. Out came another package and again, my sister smiled and handed it to me.

This time, this special friend had sent a beautiful bracelet reminding me
I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Again, I was completely undone by her gesture -
by the way she over and over again chooses to live her faith,
live her love for God and others out loud,
so beautifully, so extravagantly.

While I love both the cup and the bracelet,
I cannot begin to tell you how much I love her heart or
how much I love our precious Heavenly Father for the gift of her in my life.

It is my prayer this year that I will love like she does.

It is a big prayer, no doubt,
because the way she loves is without limits,
without bounds,
but isn't that the way God has called each of us to love?

And, when we do,
when we love like Jen does,
the love of God is seen, felt, and experienced in undeniable ways.

When we love like Jesus,
others feel His love.
And, take it from a heart that knows,
there is no other feeling like it in this entire world.

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