Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Don't Just Hear, Listen~

Why is it,
when we have clearly heard the voice of reason,
we foolishly choose not to listen?

turning a deaf-ear to wisdom
isn't particularly costly.
Sometimes, it is.

This morning,
standing at my sister's dining room window,
my camera in hand,
my usual southwest desert eyes
now farther north and feasting on a winter scene,
I heard the voice of reason.

Taking one photo after another,
all the while trying to capture the beauty on the other side of the glass,
I frowned when my camera beeped,
posted the words "exhausted battery" in my view finder,
and powered off.

Wanting to use up every last bit of my battery,
I turned my camera back on again.
I had learned while taking other photos
on other days
of other things,
that there are always a few more photos that can be taken on an "exhausted" battery.

only a few.
And, you never quite know when your few is up.

As I turned the camera on,
gambling on the remaining life of the current batteries
instead of replacing them with new,
I heard the voice of reason
in words my husband always told me
each and every time
I took this chance.

"Beautiful, just replace the batteries.  You are only going to get one or two more photos from those already in your camera. What if you end up missing a photo opportunity because at the very moment you decide to take an amazing photo your camera powers off? Why take that chance? Replace your batteries, Beautiful."

Standing at the window,
the snowy scene in front of me
and the wisdom of my husband behind me,
pecking me on my shoulder,
I smiled.

"I know, Handsome.  I know.  And, you're right. But, I don't want to waste one bit of these batteries. Just a few more photos and I'll change them."

Snapping a photo or two,
I put my camera down and just gazed outside.
And, that's when I saw it.
There, sitting on the fence,
a beautiful, fluffy tailed squirrel.

Quickly, I picked up my camera,
aimed at this amazing photo opportunity right before me
and  . . .
yep, you guessed it.

My camera powered off.
And then,
before I could even think about putting new batteries in,
my amazing photo opportunity wandered off.

I only had me to blame.

I wish I could say this only happens when I have my camera in hand,
but sadly, that's not the case.

More than my Handsome Honey spoke his wise words to me,
my precious Heavenly Father is always and forever speaking words of wisdom into my life.

Through the pages of His Holy Word,
through the prompting of His Spirit,
through the counsel of Godly friends and family members,
through the lyrics of a song of praise and worship -
all day long,
the voice of reason from my Heavenly Father is clearly heard.

And yet,
I don't always listen.
I don't always heed His counsel.
I don't always obey.

Call me a slow learner.
Call me stubborn and proud.
Call me foolish.

All apply.

And this morning,
as I watched the squirrel make his way down the fence and over into another yard,
I asked my Heavenly Father to help me not simply be content to hear,
but to be intentional to listen.

Missing a photo of a squirrel is no big deal.
Yes, I was disappointed.
Yes, I wished I had changed my batteries.
But, in the big picture of life,
my turning a deaf-ear didn't have huge consequences.

it was in this precious moment,
I realized anew
how gracious and kind my Heavenly Father is -
to teach me this lesson,
once again,
through a matter as tiny and as insignificant as this.

"My precious child",
in my spirit I heard Him speaking,
"heed the lesson I have for you this day.
When My voice of reason speaks,
Right then.
Every time."

And, I heard my spirit answering back.
"Yes, my precious Father.
You are always so faithful to speak.
Help me to not only hear,
but to be faithful to listen."

Still communing with my Father,
I removed the old batteries from my camera
and replaced them with new.
Then, I turned my gaze back out to the winter wonderland before me.

And, who do you suppose I saw?

Isn't that just like God?

Yes, indeed.
Oh, how He loves.

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