Thursday, January 5, 2017

A Tuxedo? Absolutely!

Did you see it?

Scrolling through Facebook a couple of days ago,
I ran across an article with a photo of a young man in a suit.

The snippet attached shared with the readers the special occasion that
(in this young man's eyes)
called for such formal attire
and had him looking his best.

His sister was having a baby,
and soon he would be welcoming his brand new niece into a brand new world.

According to this soon to be uncle,
"First impressions matter."

I had to smile.

And while first impressions definitely matter,
I couldn't help thinking the formal attire fit perfectly for this occasion,
but for an entirely different reason.

A new life -
what event could be more worthy of a tuxedo,
than that?

This is why I think my husband thought birthdays were so very special.

In our home,
birthdays automatically called for a day off.
Just like planning a vacation,
requests for these days off were submitted well in advance
so nothing,
not even our jobs,
would stand in the way of celebrating
the workmanship of God
by celebrating the life He had so meticulously created.

Balloons all over the house,
not one cake, but sometimes two,
not just a special dinner, but an entire day of
thanking God,
rejoicing in the gift of the one created,
a full-blown celebration.

And, today is his.

And, this has me missing him so very much.

But, it also has me overflowing with so much thanks:

- thanks to God for creating my man
- thanks to God for saving my man for me
- thanks to God for the blessings of having been his Mrs.
- thanks to God for all this man added to this world
- thanks to God for the blessing of sharing in his life

and thanks that while I am missing my man today,
I never missed an opportunity to celebrate God's creation of him.

Birthdays -
they aren't just another day of the week or month.

They. Are. Special.

They are worthy of celebration,
worthy of tuxedos,
worthy of stopping what we are doing
and giving thanks
and celebrating
in the most extraordinary ways.

you do know,
right -
that extraordinary doesn't necessarily have to mean expensive?

It doesn't cost anything to make someone feel loved and appreciated.

Words of affirmation, affection, "I love you", "I thank God for you" - free.
Hugs and kisses - free.
Time spent together - free.
Prayers of thanks - free.
Handwritten notes tucked into places all over the house to be discovered at just the right time - free.

my heart longs for nothing more
than to be able to spend this day with my man.
I am cherishing the memories of birthdays past
and finding joy in the moments spent together.

And my words to you -
this year,
in 2017,
purpose to go above and beyond to celebrate those in your life.

Break out the tuxedo,
take off a day from work,
pull out all the stops
and celebrate life.

Time is precious.

 A love in your life - even more precious.

you never know when,
you will no longer have either.

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  1. So true and beautiful.
    What a great picture.
    Praying blessing on you, dear Stacy!


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