Friday, January 27, 2017

A Season of Transition~

I thought it was the oddest place to be.

Well, maybe odd isn't the correct word,
but honestly,
when I tried to think of a word to describe the place I am now,
no word seemed to fit.

I realized this Wednesday night.

Seated in a room with twenty-five women,
all of us expectant as to what God would do over the course of the next 7 weeks
as we launched into a new Bible study together,
the facilitator asked us to take turns introducing ourself to the group.

"It doesn't have to be a lot.
Just tell us your name,
if your married,
if you have children or grandchildren,
where you work."

Thankfully, we started from the end of the circle farthest from where I was sitting.

It's not often that I find myself in a new place where introductions are needed.
And yet, in times past, when I have
I could usually answer at least 3 of the "mentioned suggestions" for introduction:
I had a name.
I had a husband.
I had a job.

This time around, I realized
(a slap of reality when I least expected it)
all I had was a name.

That's it.
A name,
Stacy Sanchez.

I love my name,
but it would take me less than 2 seconds to say it.
Then, what?

And, I know,
(and I hope you do, too)
we are all so much more than
our name,
our marital status,
our role as a parent or grandparent,
or our occupational title.

But, when this is the "norm",
the way we let others know who we are,
what do you say?

And, it's amazing,
how so many times,
when we think we are the ones being called upon to speak,
that it is God, Himself, using our very own words to speak to us.

My turn finally came.

"Ok, God," I whispered in my heart. "You're on. Please give me the words."

"Hi, my name is Stacy Sanchez
and I am in a season of transition.
I lost my husband 11 months ago,
and because of issues involved with losing him,
I lost my job several months later.
Right now, I am simply being still and waiting for God to show me what is next
after this season of transition.
I am so happy to be here."

The lady beside me began her introduction
and I hate to admit it,
but I have no idea what she said.

God was speaking, arresting my thoughts with the words "season of transition".

"Season of transition?" I thought.  "Lord, where did that phrase come from?"

And I felt God whisper, "Just tuck it in your heart, sweet girl.  Tuck it safely in your heart."

Fast forward to today, this evening, just an hour ago.

With a meal in front of me,
I had decided to sit in the living room,
a Christian television program as my dinner companion.

As I took one bite after another
and listened to one word after another of this spiritual teaching,
God, unexpectedly
(although with the Lord we should expect nothing less!)
gave me a familiar phrase to digest.

"This is for everyone who is in a season of transition.  God is simply using this season to transition you into your God-ordained destination. God is simply moving you from what has been your current identity to what will become your future destiny.  Don't think that where you are now is where you are going to stay.  Transition itself speaks of change."

I put my fork down.
I pushed my meal aside.
For the next hour,
I listened as this pastor gave one example after another,
from God's Holy Word,
of the principle of transition and God-ordained destination.

who transitioned from tending sheep to tending the children of Israel.

who transitioned from a pit, to a palace, to a prison, back to the palace.

who transitioned from plowing a field to plowing hearts using a double portion of God's Spirit.

And more than who I had ever been before,
God started to reveal to me
who I was becoming.

More than
my name,
my marital status (is widow a marital status?)
my lack of children and grandchildren,
my lack of an occupational title,
God showed me who I was becoming
in Him,
through Him,
because of Him.

There is something about speaking
what God says about who you are
that has an enormous
power releasing,
faith infusing,
hope rising

"Hi, my name is Stacy Sanchez 
and I am in a season of transition."

No longer did this sound weak to me.
No longer did this sound like someone floundering through life.
No longer did this sound without purpose or without hope.

And, I guess I am saying all of this,
to simply say this:

It's not so much about where we've been,
as it is about where we are going.

God is always doing a new thing.
He is Creator-God.
Creating, re-creating, -
this is what God does.

And really,
if we stop and think about it -
isn't our entire life
one season of transition
weaved together with
another season of transition
weaved together with
another season of transition,
on and on and on?

Isn't God,
in His creative, redemptive power,
lovingly and intentionally,
taking us from season to season,
so that in Him and through Him,
He might also take us from glory to glory? 

"Hi, my name is Stacy Sanchez
and I am in a season of transition."

I don't know what your name might be,
but if you are in a season of transition,
let me shake your hand,
and welcome you to the club.

"I am so happy to be here."


  1. Wow... all of this that you written is incredible... I don't know you but I am so sorry for your loss, God keep blessing you with this hope and purpose even in the hard times.
    With all my heart I desire many blessings to your life...just for have a blog awesome like this already is a enormous blessing.
    (sorry if I wrote something wrong... I don't speak English. I am from Brazil, I knew your blog "accidentally" and I was so blessed.
    Thank you... Keep going you are so loved!

  2. What a beautiful blog post. Just last week God spoke to me about being in a season of transition.. so when I saw your post I was surprised and delighted. I was widowed almost 18 years ago and my seasons have been many over those years. Right now I am waiting for God to show me how to move forward and at the same time how to rest right where I am. I have a blog on wordpress if you are interestd. I have written quite a bit about grief over the last 7 years. After my husband died I went to seminary to become a counselor and specialize in grief and loss.. We all have to walk this path sooner or later.. you are a great writer and God is using you to bless others.. Alicia


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