Thursday, December 22, 2016

When Friends Pray~

Happy birthday, sweet friend.
I've had a long and exhausting day and wanted to touch base with you all day...though I just realized a few minutes ago from Facebook that it was your birthday.  Which is just crazy weird because I woke up this morning around 5:45, which is about an hour and a half before I usually get up.  Gabe's monitor was beeping all the way out in the kitchen because of a low battery and after I got up to shut if off, I had you on my mind all morning and couldn't sleep.

I laid back down as soon as I fixed the beeping monitor, but tossed and turned and couldn't sleep, and just prayed for you for a while because for some reason, God put it on my heart. I guess what was about 3:45 am for you, so you were probably fast asleep! But for some reason I had this urge to pray for you and reach out to you today, and now as I realize it's your birthday, it was probably God reminding me to thank you for being you, and reminding me how blessed I am that our paths crossed some 4 years ago!

I hope you're enjoying your birthday and I'm also praying that it's been bearable, as I know it's the first without your sweet man celebrating with you.

I love you, lady!  Happy Birthday! I'm so thankful for you. 

Oh beautiful friend,
First, before anything, I have to apologize for not taking full advantage of the opportunity to see you while you were visiting here a few weeks ago. I really wanted to see you, but my heart and I have been in some major wrestling matches the past month or so. Please forgive me.  I know your beautiful heart understood and that you were more than willing to give me space, but still - I want you to know how very sorry I am. I also hope you know just how precious you are to me and how much I treasure you and your friendship. You are so dear to my heart. Love you, friend.

When I read your message, my heart was overwhelmed. To think God would speak my name to your heart in the early morning hours, to know you spent some of that early morning time praying specifically and especially for me - it touched my heart in ways I can't even express.

I am so thankful you shared this with me because my birthday was not a day I was looking forward to. My sweet man made every birthday extra special and since my last birthday was only a month and a half or so from when I lost him, it is one of the my most recent, precious memories. Also, having a birthday without him - just another reminder of the reality of his death. (This is what my heart and I wrestle with most.)  And yet, the actual day of my birthday - after you had prayed for me - I awoke with such a peace in my heart. Unbelievable, unexplainable peace. And what was so beautiful - this peace surrounded me all. day. long.  I didn't shed one tear the entire day - and that is saying a lot because tears come every day, several times a day, especially lately. 

Now, I know why. Now, I know it was your prayers that carried me through the day. To know God loves me so much He would speak my name to you, to know you love me so much you would answer the call and pray - *tears even now as I type* - this is too precious for words. Thank you, precious friend. I am the one so very thankful, the one so very blessed, the one eternally grateful that God had our lives intersect 4 years ago. Only our gracious Abba Daddy could orchestrate all of that.

Merry Christmas, sweet friend. May it be happy and blessed and may the happiness and blessings follow you right on through 2017. Love you! Big hug to you.

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