Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Look Back (The Most Read and Shared Posts of 2016)

When the clock strikes midnight
and a brand new year begins,
we have absolutely no idea 
what the next twelve months will hold.

But, God does.

While life events may catch us by surprise,
they never surprise our Heavenly Father.

As 2016 comes to an end, 
I decided to let this past year speak for itself.
Instead of writing about stepping out into 2017,
I wanted instead to focus on God's faithfulness in 2016.

And, after all,
doesn't that seem fitting?

It is in looking back
that we find the courage to step forward.

It is remembering God's faithfulness then
that reminds us He will be faithful 
and tomorrow,
and the day after tomorrow.

So, here you have it: 
the most read and shared posts of 2016.

Thank you, my precious Abba Daddy, 
for 2016 and Your undeniable presence through every single moment of every single day.

Thank you,
that as we step through the door of 2017, 
You go with us,
ever walking 
beside us,
before us,
behind us,
within us.

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