Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Voice of One~

As I came down the hallway,
I heard his voice,
only the distance between where he was
and where I was
caused it to be muffled,

As I drew closer to my office
and the voice became clearer,
I knew that I knew this voice.
It was familiar,
but still,
my mind couldn't quite place this mystery voice
with the correct face.

And then,
I saw him.

Standing in the hallway,
outside my office door,
was the pastor who I was hired to work under
seven years ago.

God had since called him to other places,
but for this morning,
for this moment,
he was back,
visiting and catching up,
on the very same morning
I was here to clean out my office
and move on to the new place
God was apparently calling me.

Only God could orchestrate that.

After we exchanged greetings
and he continued to talk with our current pastor,
in the memory of my mind -
God took me back to the day
I was hired.

"Stacy, We'd love to have you as part of our staff if you would like to join us."

"I'm so honored you would extend me this invitation.  But, I'm sorry.  I'm not Methodist.  I have no idea what Methodists believe.  I'm not sure what your expectations for me would be."

He had looked right at me,
and with a smile on his face,
and an earnestness in his voice,
spoke words I have never forgotten.

"Stacy, it's more than obvious you love Jesus.  And, from watching you work in our Children's Department, it's also more than obvious you love children and they love you.  If you can get our children to love Jesus like you love Jesus, well - that's all I need you to do."

here we were,
face to face,
seven years later.

instead of beginning my ministry here,
I was packing my office
and walking out the door.

As I stood looking at this pastor in the hallway,
remembering the words we had shared seven years earlier,
I heard the Lord speak words of His own to my heart.

"Well done, my child.  Well done."

And, I knew.

who had called me to serve at this church
seven years earlier,
was now preciously confirming to me
I had met His expectations.

Maybe I hadn't met the expectations of man,
but that was more than ok,
because all along,
from the moment I had said yes to serving at this church
I knew I was working for God.

And yet,
(I am ashamed to admit)
here I sit,
almost seven weeks later
from having been released from my job,
wrestling with feelings of
and abandonment.

And, I wonder if you are like me?

I wonder if,
instead of listening to The Voice of Truth,
you, too, allow the opinions of the world,
and sometimes,
the opinions of maybe even just one person,
to drown out what you know
God has spoken over you
and to you.

The voice of one.

That's all it takes,
to either lift us up,
or knock us down.

And, I don't understand
why I would purposely choose
to listen to any other voice
than the voice of my Father God.

"Maybe God is calling you to let that go, too."

She sits on my couch,
a dear friend who loves deep with the love of the Lord.

And, of all the things
God has called me to let go of
these past nine months -
my husband,
my job,
the voice of man,
this one should be the easiest,
and yet,
the struggle is so real.

"Losing my husband was hard," I tell her.  "But, I know that was of God."
A sudden heart attack.
God's timing.

"But, losing my job.  This - this has truly wounded me because it was of man."

And yet,
deep down inside I know,
I truly know,
it all comes back to the one voice
I heard in the hallway
that Monday, seven weeks ago -
unmistakable and clear,
completely identifiable,
the voice of my Heavenly Father.

"Well done, my child. Well done."

These are the words
I need to allow
to grip my heart.

These are the words of truth.

And, again - I wonder -
what words,
from your Heavenly Father,
do you need to allow
to grip your heart?

What words from others
have you been holding on to instead?

"Maybe God is calling you to let that go, too."

She's right.
She is absolutely right.

There is only one voice
you and I need to hear.

The voice of One.

The voice of our Heavenly Father.

And, when we do -
when we allow His voice
in our life,
there is absolutely no doubt
you and I will continue to hear,
time and time again,
"Well done, my child. Well done."

We might not meet the expectations of man,
but that's ok,
because you and I both know
we are living to please our God.

if God is pleased,
then really,
don't you agree? -
you and I should be pleased, too.

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