Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Gift of Time~

I'm beginning to understand,
to a tiny degree,
why God chose the time frame
of 9 months
to create a human life.

9 months -
it's not a long amount of time,
but it's not right now,
or the next day,
or even next week,

The fact that God can create a human
in 9 short months
is absolutely mind blowing.
(The fact that He created our world
with spoken words -
well, there are no words to describe that!)

Can you imagine the
rock-your-world and turn-it-upside-down impact
on a mother,
on a father,
on a family,
if a baby,
the split second after conception,
was born into this world?

(and wisely)
God gives the expectant couple
9 months
to prepare for what is sure to be
a life-changing event.

Even then,
if we took a poll of families with newborns,
I'm sure the consensus would be,
9 months is still not always enough time
to get ready,
to adjust,
to prepare for the arrival of this new little one.

And, I can't help thinking,
and no doubt feeling,
that if God determined it would take
9 months
to prepare to say "hello" to a life yet to be
it just might also
take at least 9 months
to try to ease into
saying "goodbye" to a life that is no more.

For everything,
there is a season.

I said goodbye to my Handsome Honey
9 months ago last Friday.
It's not been a long amount of time,
but it's hasn't just been a day,
or a week,
or even a month,

Unlike parents-to-be
receiving the news
9 months in advance,
this now-widow
had no warning.

In a instant,
everything changed.

And, although we were never blessed
with a little one of our own,
I think I can confidently say,
rock-your-world and turn-it-upside-down impact
on this heart,
of death happening,
in a split-second,
could rival that of an instantaneous birth.

For just as it takes precious time to
ready your heart and your household
for saying "hello",
it also takes precious time to
ready your heart and your household
for saying "goodbye".

Time -
what an awesome gift.
But more than that,
what an awesome God
to have created time,
right along with birth and death.

As the months go by,
I am finding my way through
what most certainly has been
a life-changing event.

(To change a life -
hmmmm -
how many months do you suppose
that takes?)

Through it all,
God has been gracious and
oh, so very kind.
And, most precious of all,

When all else has changed
because of a life-changing event
that took a mere second of time,
God has stayed faithfully the same,

And I have come to truly know
way down deep,
what I have only been able to imagine to be
up until now:

Time doesn't heal all wounds;
God does.

in His mercy and grace,
our precious Heavenly Father
also bestows upon us
the gift of time.

And, we can only hope
that those around us -
whether seeing us
welcoming a new life
or saying goodbye to a deep love -
will grant us
this same precious gift.

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  1. Beautiful and timely as always...just what is right for you right now is also a gift of right words for another who grieves.
    God bless you Stacey and sustain you as you grieve

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