Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Ours to Discover~

As I finished putting the last flip in my hair,
and looked in the mirror one last time
before heading out the door to run errands,
I prayed for God,
as always,
to go before me, behind me, beside me,
with me.

The first stop on my to-do list:
The Department of Motor Vehicles.

The task to accomplish:
transferring the title of my husband's truck from his name
to mine.

As I pulled the collar of my sweater
close to my neck and prepared to open the garage door,
I asked God to wrap me in His love,
to draw especially close,
to give me His strength and His wisdom,
to bless me in unexpected ways in unexpected places,
to touch me in a way that only He could.

As the garage door went up,
the tinge of cold in the air greeted me.
A gusty breeze was scooping up new fallen leaves
and throwing them up in the air like confetti.

when leaving the house,
I hop in the car,
back out of the garage,
drive to the mailboxes at the end of our cul de sac,
and then head out,
especially if the weather is less than desirable for venturing out in.
And yet,
this day, for some reason,
I couldn't shake the feeling that I should walk to the mailbox.
So, pulling my sweater even tighter around me,
I headed down the driveway.

And, there it was.

God's unexpected blessing in an unexpected place
just waiting for me to discover it.

Halfway down my driveway,
lying on the cement,
perfectly still
amongst the blowing leaves,
was a twenty dollar bill.

If I would have driven to the mailbox,
I would have missed it.

If I would have left any earlier or any later,
with the wind blowing like it was,
it wouldn't have been there for me to find.

It was a God-orchestrated delight.
And, delight my heart it did.
The monetary value had nothing to do with the joy in my heart.
That God would do this,
for me,
well - you can't put a value on that!

I could just see God
sitting on the edge of Heaven -
about to burst with excitement,
waiting for me to discover this simple blessing.

How it must delight our Father's heart to delight us!
How it must delight our Father's heart when we delight in His delight.

I scooped down and picked up my blessing.
As I made my way to the mailbox,
I thanked God for being so beautiful to me.

As I placed the key in the mailbox and opened it,
it was empty,
but that was more than ok.
This blustery walk with my God
had left my heart overflowing with the warmth of His love for me.

And, as He is faithful to do,
my God stayed with me the rest of the day.

The lady who helped me transfer the title of my husband's truck, -
gracious, kind, compassion, and extremely helpful.

The lady who helped me with insurance policies at my next stop,
tender hearted and bubbling over with the love of the Lord.

All day long,
everywhere I went,
I felt the very presence of my God.

Our God is so very faithful.
When we look for Him
in the midst of our day,
in the midst of our tasks,
in the midst of our trials,
in the midst of the chaos blowing around in our life,
we will find Him,
right there in front of us,
just waiting for us to discover Him
in the midst of it all.

Our God delights in tucking delights into our day.

I wonder how many times
we are so busy we our to-dos
that we miss His to-enjoys.

I wonder how many times
we are so consumed by our cares and concerns
that we miss our God.

Oh Father God,
We don't want to be so wrapped up with the 
and cares of this world,
that we miss 
the beauty,
the peace,
the comfort,
the joy,
of You
tucked into every moment,
waiting for us in every situation.

We want to see You in the midst of it all.
We  want to experience You in the midst of it all.

Thank you that You are there.
You are always there.

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  1. How lovely! Isn't it wonderful how He brings these little things to unexpectedly bless us.Thank you so much Stacy for all your encouraging words,and also for the lovely word art-I take it it's ok to print out? I'd like to make a wall hanging of it:-) Love Ann.xx


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