Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Lord, Use Me~

So many times
when we find ourself in a situation
that is anywhere from where we thought we would ever be,
and not one bit to our liking,
we find ourself asking the question, "why?"

Why is this happening?
Why has God allowed this?
Why am I having to go through this?

And more times than not, our question is always centered around us.

Why me?

Because -
so many times
when you and I have committed to following in the footsteps of Christ,
to take up our cross daily,
and live for others and not ourself,
we forget that our life is no longer about us,
but about what God wants to do through us.

We forget that once we decide to follow Jesus
our life and our outlook should do a 180 degree turn.
No longer is life all about us,
it is now about God using us to reach and minister to the them,
the world.

"Lord, use me."

How often we pray these words.
And, no doubt,
while down on bended knee with tears streaming from our eyes,
we mean them,
With every part of who we are, we mean them.

Then, "calamity" strikes.
We feel the rug being pulled out from underneath us,
and we start to ask "why"?

Remember Joseph?
Thrown in a pit.
Sold by his brothers.
Sentenced to prison.

I'm sure in each of these places Joseph was tempted to ask "why me?"
and yet,
those of us who have read the "rest of the story"
know God was in every step.

In the pit and in the palace and every place in between
God was positioning and placing Joseph exactly where he needed to be
to do what God was needing him to do.

The trials and the disappointments and the injustices,
though derived by men,
were converted into steps ordered by the Lord.

It's the same for you and me.

No matter what may be happening in our life,
if we have surrendered our life to Christ,
we can believe
God can and is
using every situation and every circumstance
for a kingdom purpose.

If we can keep our focus on what God is doing,
rather than on what man is doing,
we can accept whatever may come with open hands.

If we can keep our heart knowing God has a plan,
regardless of how the plan seems to be coming unraveled,
we can rest at peace knowing all is well.

If we can keep our feelings and our hurts in check,
despite all the has been said or done to us
we can walk in confidence believing God will have the final victory.

If we can remember our prayer
"Lord, use me"
and then allow Him to do just that -
God will take all the broken pieces of our life
and make something beautiful that will bless countless others.

It's not always about us,
but about what God wants to do through us.

Happy is he (and she!) who remembers this.

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