Wednesday, November 23, 2016

50 Things I'm Thankful for This Year~ (In No Particular Order)

1. God still breathing His breath upon me

2. Prayer warriors who take the battle seriously and fight it aggressively

3. Unexpected blessings from unexpected people in unexpected places in unexpected ways

4. Hugs

5. Take out

6.  God's strength in my inner man that pushes through to my outer man

7. A card in the mailbox

8. Those who shed tears simply because I am

9.  Closed doors

10. The all-encompassing comfort of the Holy Spirit

11. Eyes that see and ears that hear, physically - and most precious of all, spiritually

12. The lingering scent of my man, tucked into the collar of the shirt he wore last

13. The healing found in the warmth of the sun

14. The moments I lived with my handsome honey that have now become memories I can re-live, over and over again, anytime I want

15. Friends who have proven they really are friends

16. That even in the waking up, God is still with me. (Psalms 139:18)

17. The evidence of God's faithfulness in the past that make stepping out into the unknown future so much easier to do

18. Sisters - those who I grew up with, those who I was given through saying "I Do", and those who I have grown up in the Lord with

19. Our blessed hope of Heaven

20. A cup of coffee - the taste and the warmth in my hands - both extremely satisfying

21. God's gracious gift of words - spoken to me and through me

22.  The overwhelming realness of God and His plan for my life that caused me to explode in a sea of tears at the top of the Space Needle in Seattle, Washington  (Maybe I'll blog about this one day. It's a story that really does need to be told.)

23.  Facebook and the companionship it has provided during the loneliest nine months of my life

24.  The peace of God that passes all understanding

25.  Neighbors I never knew ringing my doorbell and asking to help me with my air conditioning and then a few weeks ago, my heat

26.  My Heartprints of God family -  those who read, like, comment, email, and most of all, pray for me

27.  Hot showers

28.  The still small voice of God saying "that's not of Me"

29.  The opportunity to personally thank someone who was instrumental in the development of my faith

30.  The realization of how very loved I am (Few people have been given this precious gift. I am humbled and in awe.)

31.  Every single handwritten note from my Handsome Honey

32.  God supplying me with the courage and the words to speak at my husband's service. He truly does grant us the desires of our heart.

33.  A unstoppable faith in an unstoppable God

34. Sleep  - when it comes so sweetly and deeply

35.  That I know God's heart

36.  The intimate way God shows me -  time and time again - I am in His will and He is by my side (Again - there are blogs posts that need to be written here as well.)

37.  Texts between sisters

38.  A heart more tender and easily broken for those who hurt

39.  These two phrases God has spoken over and over to me this year:
        - "You are a soft voice I use to speak to others in a loud way."
       -  "I am calling you to prophecy to dry bones."

40.  That for every overwhelmingly low moment of grief, I experience an overwhelmingly high moment with God

41.  The right hand of God moving in my life (even in the "Be still" moments.)

42. Turtles who share my patio and birds who share my yard

43.  That when nobody understands, God does

44.  That because of God I can give thanks in all things

45.  That God is in control

46.  That God loved me (and you!) enough to die for us.  No greater love than that.

47.  The safe place that is family

48.  God's unfathomable, immeasurable favor

49. My handsome honey and the honor to be his wife

50. That my God is MORE than enough


  1. Stacy, I am thankful for YOU.

  2. I did the same thing this past week...looks like we have a lot of similar things that we are thankful for! HAVE A BLESSED THANKSGIVING!!


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