Thursday, October 6, 2016

Go Good~

When you feel the touch of God,
you feel the touch of God.

There is no denying it.

And the most amazing thing is,
because God is anywhere and everywhere,
He can touch us anywhere and everywhere.

Even -
in a parking garage at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

After an amazing week long sister trip through the beautiful Pacific Northwest,
my sisters and I were back at the airport.

As my sisters stepped out of the shuttle, our shuttle driver lifted their suitcases from the luggage rack and placed them on the sidewalk beside them.  Then, he smiled and said, "Safe travels."

As I stepped out, he placed my suitcase on the sidewalk in front of me as well,
but then,
he placed his hand on my shoulder.

As he did,
he looked me right in my eyes,
and with a touch from God I will never forget -
he boldly and gently said,
"Go good. Go good."

As my sisters and I had traveled around the Pacific Northwest,
thoughts and prayers about what God was calling me to do about my future
at my current place of employment
had been traveling around my mind.

I knew what God was calling me to do.

As I had stood on our balcony overlooking Cannon Beach, Oregon,
earlier in the week,
God had spoken.
I had heard.
And, I had surrendered.

It was the going back home,
the going back to do what He had called me to do,
the going away from all that was familiar and out into the deep,
that had me dreading the end of this shuttle ride,
and the end of this wonderful vacation.

in that moment,
in this most unexpected place -
a parking garage at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport,
God was faithful to make His presence known
and to once again speak His word into my heart.

For I know,
in the deepest place of my heart -
this hand resting on my shoulder,
was the very hand of God.

For I know,
in the depth of my inner man -
the words "Go good"
had nothing to do with my upcoming flight,
and everything to do with God
counseling me,
confirming to me,
blessing me,
and sending me forward to the new place He is calling me.

Go good was the way God was telling me to leave -

Go good was the way God was telling me to conduct myself in this transition -

Go good was the way God was telling me to move forward -

And maybe, go good is the way God is speaking His plans to you.
For I believe this is the way God would have all of His children to go.

Are you in a time of transition?
Is God calling you to go?

If so,
consider these words the laying of God's hand upon your shoulder.

If so,
consider these words the voice of God speaking over your life.

If so,
go good, my friend.

Go good.

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