Monday, August 15, 2016

Not Highly Visible, Yet Extremely Necessary~

I marvel at his wisdom,
and his intentional choice of words.

The two combined always find me jotting down phrases
to ponder again and again,
long after his words have been spoken.

Most recently the phrase rolling around and around in my heart and mind is this:
"Not highly visible, yet extremely necessary."

We were in a staff meeting at the church where I am employed. The topic of discussion - the new heating and cooling system currently being installed.  It's been a lengthy, hot, process to say the least, especially since we have been without air conditioning the entire summer.

As the pastor launched into this subject, he asked our facilities manager to give a report on the progress, as well as the current work being done.

Pencil in hand, I knew there would be a gem waiting to be mined as this humble, wise man began to speak.

He explained all of the old system had been completely removed, and now workers were replacing the electrical system.

"It's not highly visible, yet extremely necessary."

I'm sure as he walked us further through the progress there were more gems spoken, but honestly, I never got beyond this one phrase to hear what else he was saying.

Over and over again these words replayed in my mind.

Over and over,
situation after situation,
circumstance after circumstance,
I could see where these words fit
into the puzzle pieces that are
coming together to reveal my life.

So many situations and times in my life
when it seemed,
at the time,
things weren't progressing as fast I thought they should,
or not even progressing at all,
now came into focus.

Moment after moment
of days, and weeks, and months
when it seemed,
at the time,
God was not responding,
not listening,
not answering,
flashed through my mind.

Not highly visible, yet extremely necessary.

Sitting around the table that morning,
I realized anew:
God is always at work.

Sometimes it's highly visible,
and sometimes it's not.

Sometimes it is more than obvious what God is doing,
and sometimes it is not one bit noticeable.

Sometimes we see the work of His hand,
and sometimes we don't.

Just because we don't see it,
doesn't mean
it isn't happening.

Just because it isn't highly visible,
doesn't mean what God is doing
isn't extremely necessary.

Just because we can't discern it
it doesn't mean
that God isn't working,
that progress isn't taking place,
that mountains aren't moving,
that prayers aren't being answered,
that miracles aren't in the making.

what we can't see,
is just as important as what we can.

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