Wednesday, July 6, 2016

On Fighting Giants~

Lately, I've been feeling a little bit like David going out to fight Goliath.

I say a "little bit"
because unlike David,
I am finally learning,
I have been approaching the fight from all the wrong angles,
and in all the wrong ways.

if truth be told,
the only semblance to David
that I can claim as my own
is the fact that I am face to face with a giant. (Grief)

Because you see,
unlike David,
when others come to me,
placing their suit of armor over my shoulders,
on top of my head,
and belted round my waist,
I let them.

Their intentions are good,
no doubt,
and they are only trying to protect me with what seemed to work for them,
but like David knew,
and I am learning, too,
their armor won't work for me.
It is cumbersome, ill-fitting, stifling,
and only serves to stand in my way
and hold me back.


Their armor only leaves me wondering what I am doing wrong,
why I can't seem to operate they way they supposedly did,
and why I am feeling so clumsy.

Trying to wear their armor into my battle
makes me feel defeated before I even start.

I can't fight my battle hiding behind what worked for them.
I have to fight my battle with what works for me.

And because,
unlike David,
when the enemy flexes his muscles,
and struts his giantly stuff,
I tend to forget past battles,
and past victories,
and instead,
I see only him.

My concentrating on the enemy at hand seems smart,
no doubt,
but like David knew,
and I am learning, too,
it is when we remember how God led in battles of the past,
that we find the courage to step out into the battles of now.

I can't let what I am facing now blind me to what I have faced then.
I can't allow the fear of this new giant to defuse the faith that was stirred up when God slew giants in the past.

And because you see,
unlike David,
when the giant I am fighting
taunts me into coming closer,
drawing me ever nearer and nearer,
strategically placing me on his playing field,
within easy reach,
I listen to him.

My heading straight toward my giant seems valiant,
no doubt,
but like David knew,
and I am learning, too,
the enemy can't hurt me if he can't reach me.
If I only approach for a short distance,
draw a battle line,
and refuse to cross it,
I am the one with the advantage.

Goliath, who fought with a sword,
needed David to come close.
David, who fought with a slingshot,
only went as far as was needed to be within slingshot range.

I can't win my battle by marching straight up to my enemy,
and fighting him face to face.
I can only win if I keep my distance,
fight in the name of Jesus,
place The Rock of my Salvation in my slingshot and take aim.

Yes, I am feeling a little bit like David,
fighting this giant named Grief.
But if I take notes,
if I watch, observe, and learn
from this man after God's own heart,
I think I will one day win this battle.

Not by fighting the way someone else has or did,
not by forgetting the way God has fought for me in the past,
not by trying to face it head on and up close and personal,
but simply
(and victoriously!)
by keeping my distance,
drawing a battle line,
standing my ground,
and fighting in the name and the power of Almighty God.


  1. Resting in Him, eyes fixed on Him.

  2. I often have felt the same. I think it's called our own personal walk with God. :) Hugs to you.

  3. Wonderful,God-given insight Stacy! Love &hugs,Ann.xx


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