Thursday, July 28, 2016

Let Him Work~

Her words hit hard and heavy,
completely saturated with the Holy Spirit.

I had posted a post on my Heartprints of God Facebook page
only to remove it a few minutes later.

Choosing to work instead on a photograph,
I was tapped on the shoulder
by an alert notification
signaling I had received a message
on my Heartprints of God page.

The message was simply this:
Why did you remove your post?

I sat there speechless,
staring at the screen
and that three letter word,

And, I knew in my heart,
as soon as my eyes glided over the very first word,
this question was being asked of me
by more than this curious Facebook friend,
it was being asked of me
by the Holy Spirit.

Why, Stacy?
when I spoke these words to your heart
and prompted your heart to post it,
did you remove it?

I didn't have a good answer for this friend,
and I certainly didn't have a good answer for the Holy Spirit.

A few moments later,
my response back to both was simply this:
A moment of "insecurity" maybe?

A moment or two later,
I felt the chastisement of the Holy Spirit again in her words:
Don't deny us your gift of words God gave you.

It was a sting unlike any I have ever felt,
a rebuke and scolding to be sure,
but it was also chastisement in its most purest form.

For chastisement from the Lord
has one purpose in mind:

Chastisement from the Lord is discipline with a purpose -
to turn our hearts towards obedience
so God can in turn turn our obedience into restoration,
a restoration that will in turn position us to fulfill our God-given destiny.

God has gifted me to write.
This is not something I have decided,
this is something God decided before I took my first breath.

And, I'm learning, too,
God has graced me to speak.
This, too, is not something I have decided,
this, too, is something God decided before I took my first breath.

For me to doubt His gift,
for me to choose to ignore His prompting to
share His words,
to tell His story through the living out of my own,
to remove a post He has told me to post -
is disobedience.

My God given gifts are not for me to do with as I choose,
but as He chooses.

My only appropriate response
now and always
is "yes, Lord."

And I am reminded once again.

Like a tool in the hand of a master,
the success of the mission is not dependent on us,
but on the Master.

It is not up to the tool to tell the Master what to do.
The successful completion of the task at hand
belongs totally and completely to the Master.

Like the tool,
our only responsibility is to be available,
to be willing to be used by The Master
whenever and however
He sees fit.

We are simply a vessel in His hand.

We can't worry about how God will work through us,
we just need to let God work.

We don't need to carry the weight of the mission
on our shoulders.
we just need to let God carry us through it.

We don't need to ponder and fret over and over
about what we think should be done or not done,
we just need to let God do what needs to be done.

It's not about me.
(It's not about you, either.)

We are simply a tool in the Hand of God.

He, and He alone, is the Master.

We simply need to let Him work.

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