Thursday, June 9, 2016

Too Sacred for Words~

It's been awhile.

As my fingers brush atop the keys on my laptop, I feel as though I am home.

Writing - it's a sacred place.
This emptying of your soul,
assembling together letters and sounds to bring life and meaning to what sometimes cannot be expressed. Roget's thesaurus is a handy helper, but sometimes, even it comes up empty.
Sometimes, there are no words.

Only a stirring.
Only a groaning.
Only a fire.

Only a sacred connection between my heart and the heart of God Almighty,
and not a word in this world to type on a page to communicate
what I am thinking,
what He is revealing,
what I am feeling,
what He is ministering,
what I am learning,
what He is teaching,
what I receiving,
what He is pouring into my life.
So, my fingers are stilled,
my page blank,
while all the while,
my heart is overflowing.

Perhaps there are no words because this moment is one too sacred to be shared.

Maybe our time together, is simply that: OUR time - just my God and me.

Quite possibly, 
this time of communion between
The Creator and His created,
The Redeemer and His redeemed,                 
The Father and His daughter,
is one to be kept solely between
The Lover of my soul and His beloved.

In these moments,
when the words have vanished,
but His presence His undeniable,
I lay aside my keyboard,
I lay down my pen,
and I simply

And these moments,
these precious times of communion between my Lord and I,
are more,
so much more,
more than any word in this world can ever hope to tell.

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