Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Blessing~

when you've been blessed with a blessing as far back as your memory can go,
you don't truly realize or fully comprehend the blessedness of your blessing. 

Eyes that see. 
Roofs that cover.
Meals that satisfy.
Families that love.

it's not until you happen upon someone who,
as far back as their memory can go,
has not been blessed with the blessings you have,
that you suddenly realize the blessing that makes your blessing such a blessing.

(to name just a few)

so often,
blessings easily overlooked when present,
and yet so immensely desired when absent.

And, you wonder
how is it that you were blessed and they weren't,
how you never truly gave these precious gifts more than a second glance, a second thought,
while others have spent hour after hour wishing, dreaming, and speculating what it would be like
to have what you have.

And, you wonder why God would love you like He does,
why He would bless you as He has,
why He would pour into your life until your cup runneth over.

And, the answer that would come,
if you (and I) would sit still long enough to hear it,
would be this:

You have been blessed to be be blessing.
You have been given abundantly to
so that you might give abundantly from.

And, if you (and I)
would be gracious givers,
pouring into the world
the blessings we have received
from our most generous God,
we would start to realize,
the true blessing,
one we quite possibly have been missing since as far back as our memory can go,
is the blessing that comes when we,
like our God,
bless someone else.

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