Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Seeing God Between the Words of a Conversation~

The conversation was short, not more than maybe a minute long.

I was at a reception following a funeral of a precious friend. As I made my way around the room, saying goodbye to the family of this beautiful lady, an old acquaintance touched my shoulder from behind.

"Hi, Stacy."


"I knew you fell out."

"I'm sorry? Fell out?"

"Fell out of church." And with that statement, he looked at me and shook his head as if to say, "shame on you."

"I may not attend church here anymore, but as far as falling, the only falling I have done, by the grace of God, is falling head over heals in love with Jesus."

Not knowing what to say next, the conversation turned to my husband.

"How's Steve?"

"He's fine. He's perfectly fine. He passed away a few short months ago."

And thankfully, before the conversation could go any further and take any more turns, another person approached me.

Later that night,
as I climbed in bed,
I thought back on this short snippet of time and the words spoken to me.

I thought about how,
if this conversation would have happened years or possibly even months before,
I would have been rattled by it.

How the thought that I "fell out" of church and somehow "out of God" would have had me feeling offended, lashing back, and trying to prove my "spirituality".

How someone asking about my husband would have brought tears and any other response except the one that flowed out of my heart and mind without me even thinking about it -
"He's fine. He's perfectly fine."

How falling head over heals in love with Jesus had changed everything.

When you have Jesus,
truly have Jesus -
not religion,
not church,
but the Lover of your soul,
you don't have to prove it.

When you have Jesus,
truly have Jesus -
not going through the motions,
not pretending or "playing church",
but a deep, intimate, heart to heart relationship with Jesus,
you can trust His heart
even when you can't understand His plan.

When you have Jesus,
truly have Jesus -
and He truly has you -
it changes everything
because it changes you.

Yes, the conversation was short, not more than maybe a minute long.
And yet, in this brief moment of dialogue, God spoke to my heart in the most beautiful way.

"You are mine, sweet daughter, and I love you.
I'm so glad you "fell out" of religion and fell in love with Me.
I've got you in the palm of my nail-scarred hands.
You can trust Me.
I'm your Abba Daddy and I am working all things for good."


  1. Oh my. Powerful words, Stacy! You've got it right about church but you'll rarely be understood for that knowledge. It's ok though because you don't need the acceptance of those in this world; you have God. That's all we'll ever need! Bless you!

  2. Love this one...brought tears to my eyes...thanks a lot!
    God bless!

  3. Im so thankful for this. They express what I have felt but couldn't put words to. Thank you.


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