Saturday, May 28, 2016

Our Last Amen~

"Unexpected blessings in unexpected ways - 
that's what I am praying for you, Stacy.
Every time God brings you across my heart,
I pray He will shower you with unexpected blessings in unexpected ways."

Add these prayers to the prayer my handsome honey prayed over me every morning,
including the morning he passed away:

"Watch over my wife, Heavenly Father.
Bring only people with good intentions across her path.
Protect her from all evil and all harm.
I pray, Heavenly Father, You will stand guard over my wife
while we are absent one from another.
Bless her mightily in ways only You can.
Use her to be a blessing wherever she goes.
God willing, bring us both home safe and together tonight.
In Jesus' precious name, I pray."

you'll understand why I have no doubt God is not only hearing these prayers spoken on my behalf,
but answering them.

On and on,
moment after moment,
day after day,
God showers me with the most unexpected blessings in the most unexpected ways.

On and on
moment after moment,
day after day,
God brings good, stands guard over me, and blesses me mightily in ways that only He can.

Words of a prayer spoken before
and words of prayers spoken still
are being heard, honored, and acted upon.

A knock on my door,
followed by the smile of my neighbor and these words;
"My husband and son were wondering if they could have the honor of hooking up your air conditioner for you this summer."

The honor?
Only God.

Two days after getting my garage door in working condition, the youth director at the church where I work, arrived at work in a truck pulling a flatbed trailer instead of his usual minivan. Little did he know I had a ton of wood in my garage that was looking for a home.  By the time the sun went down that night, the wood was out of my garage and headed to his barn.
Only God.

An unexpected check from the company where my husband was employed
arrives at the very time and in the very amount needed
for an unexpected expense.
Only God.

On and on,
provision after provision,
God-orchestrated opportunity after God-orchestrated opportunity,
blessing upon blessing,
God is taking care of me.

In ways I notice,
and I am sure,
in so many more that I don't.

And, I am reminded of this truth
God spoke to my heart
so many years ago:

Never underestimate the power of a prayer spoken by you or for you.

Knowing this,
I wonder why we ever get up off of our knees,
or say our last Amen.

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  1. Stacey ... thank you for that reminder about the power of prayer and the faithfulness of our gentle Saviour. Hugs dear friend


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