Tuesday, May 31, 2016

How to Win the Battle~

Of course I have no way of knowing,
no way of knowing at all,
the places,
the moments,
the situations,
the circumstances,
that make up your battle.

But, I know without a doubt,
without any doubt at all,
that you are in a battle.

And chances are,
you are not in only one battle,
but two or three or four or five.

It comes as no surprise that a soldier will find his or herself on the battlefield.
It's where soldiers are called to be,
and battling is what soldiers are called to do.
And, you and I,
if we are in the Lord's army,
are front and center,
smack dab,
right there on the front line.

what we don't always remember,
and what we are often quick to forget is this:
The battle belongs to the Lord.
Always has. Always will.

Yes, we are called to take our position.
Yes, we are called to dig in our feet and hold our ground.
Yes, we are called to stand guard and defend our faith.

when it comes to
the strategy,
the maneuvering,
the game plan,
the force,
the ability,
the victory winning power needed to be victorious in our battle,
it is all up to God.

Not you.  Not me.

And, if we happen to gain any ground,
if we happen to divide, defeat, and conquer,
if we happen to be declared the winner,
what we don't always remember.
and what we are often quick to forget is this:
The battle belongs to the Lord.
Always has. Always will.

 Not you.  Not me.

We are not responsible for the outcome.
God is.

Remembering this
takes the pressure off of us,
and it also takes the "praise" off of us.

Wanting so desperately to speak words of tribute about my man at his celebration of life service,
as well as speak words of life about the God my husband knew and served and lived his life for,
I prayed for God to work in me and through me
to accomplish His will,
to speak His words,
to shine His light.
God graciously and amazingly did just that.

A couple of days ago, I was able to share the video of me speaking at his service with friends who were unable to attend.

One friend sent me the following message:

I just had a chance to listen to what you shared about Steve. My friend you are much stronger than I. I don't think I could have done that. It was very beautiful what you said. He would be proud of you. You are such a great speaker and a great blessing to others. God has really blessed you. You can do mighty things for Him. May He continue to bless you as you serve Him.

I replied back with the following words:

I doubt very much that I am stronger than you. In the very heart of you is the strength that was in the very heart of me that day - God. I knew I had to speak about Steve and about choosing to live for God that day and I prayed God would give me the words. I didn't write anything down before hand - couldn't of written any thing down if I tried - and when I stood to walk up to the podium I simply prayed, "It's all you, God. Speak." And, He did. He knew I wanted nothing more than to be able to personally greet all 198 people who came to his service and to speak. And, he granted me both. You never know how you will react or respond in a situation, but I am here to tell you God is faithful and He will do in you and through you what you could never ever do on your own. I am living proof.

This is where the battle is won -
surrendering fully to what God is calling us to do,
then surrendering fully again,
to allow God to do what only He can do,
in us and through us.

We fight the battle
not in our strength,
but His.

We win the battle,
not in our strength,
but His.

And, we celebrate the victory,
not in our name,
but His.

This is how we win the battle.

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